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Burning may divide audiences. Is it a hit or a miss? Will audiences love it or loathe it? Many reviewers are raving, proclaiming South Korea has at last created a ‘cinematic masterpiece’, however, the average moviegoing public may beg to differ. The story surrounds the rekindled friendship between a young man and woman when they meet […]

The Merry Widow

Reflecting Art Deco France, Opera Australia’s The Merry Widow is a witty and scandalous tale of recent widow Hanna (Danielle de Niese) and the suitors who want to marry her to keep her inherited fortune in the province. First premiered in 1905 Vienna, the operetta has not lost its comedic lustre. “It is an operetta […]

The Sydney Fair

The Sydney Fair promises to take visitors into The Great Gatsby era glamour and let them take home a piece of history. This year the fair will host beautiful pieces from bygone eras in the form of everything from fashion, furniture, lighting, art, posters, knickknacks and more. Antiques and vintage items from the Art Deco […]


As we prepare for an almost jingoistic onslaught of publicity surrounding the local release of Baz Lurhmann’s The Great Gatsby, it might be timely to reflect on our obsession with all things extravagant and flamboyant. Lurhmann’s latest opus is apparently doing good business at the US box office but has been given a lukewarm reception […]