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REVIEW: The Almighty Sometimes

For anyone who’s been touched by mental illness, no matter in what way, and that’s a lot of us, The Almighty Sometimes will sound like very familiar territory. Kind of like been there done that. Such is the accuracy of the depiction. It is a theatrical interpretation of the nightmare, dangerous and scary, that you […]


This small but remarkable film which concerns world renowned Swiss painter and sculptor Albert Giacometti should have art enthusiasts flocking to cinemas. Set in Paris 1964, the story centres on the intimate friendship which flourishes when Alberto Giacometti (Geoffrey Rush) invites American writer and art-lover James Lord (Armie Hammer) to sit for a portrait. Giacometti […]

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The fifth installment of the film franchise (yes it's been 14 years since we first met Captain Jack Sparrow and Co.) and while it is perhaps the closest in feeling to that of the original 2003 box-office hit, it lacks in heart. This time, Will Turner's son Henry Turner (Brenton Thwaites) is on a quest […]

The Popular Mechanicals

It’s a perennial favourite amongst directors to turn to the cast at some stage during rehearsal warm-ups and say, ‘Let’s improv the backstory’. One can imagine a similar genesis for Popular Mechanicals – the backstory of the play within the play, Midsummer Night’s Dream. For those who saw STC’s recent production of Dream and were […]

David Stratton: A Cinematic Life

David Stratton has spent a lifetime reviewing and critiquing cinema from all around the world but his story is very Australian and his passion for movies has seen a new documentary being made about his life. Stratton who is best known as the host of the ABC program At The Movies and SBS’s predecessor The Movie […]


Geoffrey Rush is a tour de force, breathing life and charm to any character. Academy Award winning director Giuseppe Tornatore gave the world the beautifully charismatic Cinema Paradiso. Together they have created magic with The Best Offer. Co-starring Donald Sutherland and Jim Sturgess, The Best Offer is an intriguing and perhaps plain weird love story set […]