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Wild Butterfly: The Claire Murray Story

Wild Butterfly is a documentary which reflects on the tragic life and passing of Perth's Claire Murray. At just 24 years old Murray passed following complications associated with a failed liver transplant. However, there is much more to her story. This documentary uses dramatised reenactments to reveal that as a young girl Murray was sexually […]

The Cleaners

In a world of fake news, alternative facts, cyber bulling, hacking and the mere debate over the validity of free speech comes an incredibly timely and important documentary. The Cleaners goes beyond the computer screen to explore the people and methods employed by social media and technology companies to moderate content posted on the various […]


By Mark Morellini Australia’s international documentary film festival returns for its eighth edition, presenting 38 stimulating feature-length films and 10 shorts from 23 countries. Australia is prominent with a selection of 16 films. Each year this festival grows in popularity, evident from the new partnership Antenna has established with Dendy Newtown, which means that documentary […]


Gut-wrenching, devastating and incredibly sad, Guilty re-enacts the final 72-hours in the life of Myuran Sukumaran, the Bali-9 convicted criminal who became an accomplished artist while in Kerobokan prison.  Myuran was killed in 2015 by a firing squad, along with fellow Australian Andrew Chan, and this documentary is a portrait of a man facing execution, […]


Ghosthunter starts out with the relatively simply premise, following a Western Sydney based security guard and part-time ghost-hunter as he undertakes his paranormal investigations. As we begin to learn more about the titular ghosthunter's personal story the film takes a much darker and more sinister twist than even the paranormal world could conjure up. Filmed over […]

Andy Irons: Kissed By God

During the opening moments of this documentary world champion surfer Andy Irons describes the feeling of catching his first wave as “like being kissed by god” and a feeling “you’re always chasing.” Sadly these two short comments are a dark premonition into Irons’ ultimate descent into darkness due to bipolar disorder and drug addiction. Andy […]

Alien Intrusion: Unmasking A Deception

UFO documentaries are a dime a dozen yet this new documentary takes an intriguing new slant on explaining the phenomena. Produced by Creation Ministries International this film uses biblical scriptures to attempt to explain the existence of aliens, UFO sightings and the many tales of alien abduction. Throughout the film interviews with scientists, physicists and […]


Forget IT! Forget Annabelle: Creation! This is a real horror story. The story of the world’s oceans; how we and countless other living creatures in the food web depend on it, and how in less than fifty years half of its marine life has been lost. Over-fishing, illegal fishing, wasteful and short-sighted practices, the careless […]


If you’ve ever played the Call Of Duty (COD) video games you know just how powerful the shotgun can be as a weapon thanks to it’s scattershot impact at close range but for efficient performance a more refined weapon is needed. This analogy carries over perfectly into the new independent documentary looking at the COD […]


This Australian documentary which follows the first five years of the Aussie cycling team GreenEdge as they reach their goal of cycling in the international circuit, is a must-see for all die-hard sport fanatics. Commencing from the team’s inception in 2011, the film details their remarkable journey through to 2016 as they travel to several […]