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The Right Foot

DirtyFeet is bringing back their free workshop series, The Right Foot, which teaches creative dance to participants of all backgrounds and experiences. Held annually since 2012, the workshops are for young people aged 14-26 with or without a disability and focus on dance training, improving the health and wellbeing of participants and confidence-building. For the […]

NEVERMIND THE ARTS: Funding cuts go deeper and deeper

ENSURING A FUTURE FOR AUSTRALIA'S ARTS  The function of art and culture, in all its various forms, has a profoundly positive and immeasurable impact on Australian society. The recent budget announcement however, of $105 million worth of funding cuts to the Australia Council for the Arts, has various branches of the arts sector fearing for […]

A step in the right direction

In 2005 a group of eight young dancers vowed to change the world with dance. And last year, The Right Foot project was created to do just that. Established by Sydney-based not-for-profit contemporary dance organisation, DirtyFeet, the group takes pride in giving opportunities to those in the community who may not otherwise have access to […]