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Legislative Council winners and losers

BY ALLISON HORE Finland has chosen a new prime minister, the Israeli prime minister has secured a re-election, Turkish municipal elections have made headlines around the world, a new date for Brexit has been set and a federal election date has been announced. All while voters in NSW awaited the final results of the Upper […]

Strange Political Bedfellows

BY MERRILL WITT Political pundits are predicting that candidates from One Nation, the Christian Democratic Party, the Liberal Democrats, the Australian Conservatives or the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party could possibly hold the balance of power in both houses after the NSW state election. While the prospect of a far-right agenda dominating the next parliament […]

The grass is definitely greener

BY STATON WHALEY A recent proposal for the legalisation of marijuana, put through to Parliament by the Greens Party has gained support from civil libertarian Senator for NSW, David Leyonhjelm. With both the Greens’ and Leyonhjelm’s outspoken support for cannabis usage many are left wondering if the devil’s lettuce is so evil after all. A […]

Backpacker paradise or nanny state?

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Critics have slammed a push by the City of Sydney Council for more regulation of backpacker hostels in Kings Cross fearing this will force budget accomodation out of the area. Last month, a German backpacker was hospitalised after falling four storeys from the veranda of a Victoria Street hostel. Now City of […]

Election outcome leaves Palmer in charge

Clive Palmer is the new kingmaker in Australian politics. Sounds odd, but it is highly possible Palmer will be responsible for the outcome of the Abbott Government. Palmer United Party look to have won two Sentate seats – Glenn Lazarus in Queensland and Jacqui Lambie in Tasmania – providing Palmer with ammunition to extert control […]