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WestConnex dirty secrecy games

BY WENDY BACON AND LUKE BACON Fresh evidence of poor air quality in St Peters has been actively hidden from parents and the community by WestConnex. This includes higher levels of fine particulate matter which is known to be dangerous to health, especially that of small children, pregnant women, older people and those with heart […]

Having a beer with Duncan

By Michael Hitch I love to have a beer with Duncan …  and I’d love to have a beer with Darcy too. Inner Westies can rejoice as the Inner West Council has revealed new plans to protect local watering holes from dreary redevelopments after studies revealed a number of historic hotels are not heritage listed. […]

The Bower locked out of Addison Road

By Michael Hitch The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre in Marrickville has been locked out without notice from its premises by the Addison Road Community Centre Organisation (ARCCO) due to an alleged breach of the conditions of its lease. Customers and staff of the Bower arrived at 8:30am on Monday morning to find that the […]

Inner West joins the fight against single use cups

By Sarah McLenaghan The Inner West Council has partnered with Responsible Cafes to reduce the environmental impact of disposable coffee cups. The Responsible Cafes initiative encourages local cafes to encourage customers to bring their own reusable cups by offering discounts and other benefits. Mayor Darcy Byrne said the priorities of Responsible Cafes are in line […]

Schools switch to solar

BY MICHAEL HITCH   Solar powered schools could soon be the norm in the inner west as the Inner West Council works with student leaders to help local schools maximise their use of renewable energy. The Sydney Student Leaders Coalition (SSLC) aims to deliver solar energy panels to schools across the area and the initiative […]

Amalgamation report card troubles IWC

BY MICHAEL HITCH Inner West Councillors have expressed dismay after being presented with only a single page organisational report as part of the inner west council amalgamation process. At the Inner West Council meeting on 25 September, councillors were given the one page report detailing the General Manager and Senior Staff structure of the council, […]

Dawn’s million dollar baths

By Lanie Tindale Balmain Ward Councillors are tussling over $1.1 million of the several million needed to save Dawn Fraser Pool. Significant upgrades are required to restore the pool, a Council report has found. The report says the bath poses a public safety risk, and may need to be closed. The initial estimated cost of […]

Share Bikes Rounded Up

By LANIE TINDALE Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne has been rounding share-bikes off pathways, saying that “we now have to use the stick.” Three months ago, 6 Sydney councils proposed guidelines for bike share companies. The Inner West Council announced a trial period of three months for the companies to comply, which has now come […]

Vivid turn off

BY JOHN MOYLE A war of light sabres between Destination NSW’s Vivid Sydney festival and the Inner West Council has seen the popular festival outdrawn by the westies as they proclaim their own EDGE festival. The spat started a couple of months ago when the Inner West Council inquired to Destination NSW to investigate the […]

Cross fire

BY JOHN MOYLE In recent weeks there has been a lot of discussion across Sydney as to its viability as a Global City supporting a 24 hour day/night economy, but for all the good work and media friendly spin there is still an elephant looming over the debate and these are the lockout laws imposed […]