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Council merge splurge diverge

BY JOHN MOYLE In 2016 the Baird Government did an embarrassing backflip over NSW council amalgamations, resulting in only 19 of the 35 proposed mergers going ahead. The only inner city amalgamation to proceed was between Leichhardt, Ashfield and Marrickville councils, as all others fought or escaped when Baird’s plans fell into a malodorous heap. […]

IWC demerger urged

BY JOHN MOYLE It could be a case of going back to the future for the newly-merged Inner West Council if a coalition of independents and Greens get their way for a demerger from their 2016 forced amalgamation. “Communities a lot less affluent than our council have challenged the mergers and they have won,” Councillor […]

Pushing boundaries: why size matters

BY ALEC SMART When you think of countries where local council boundaries are fragmented and their administrations centralized by government decree, when populations with disparate interests and economic ties are consolidated, often against their will, you would be forgiven for suspecting some sort of gerrymandering was taking place. However, when the government that’s imposing these […]

Mergers front and centre in September

BY MEL SOMERVILLE   The NSW Government’s proposed amalgamations will be a major issue for candidates to address in the lead up to Randwick Council elections, which will be held on Saturday the 9th September. The proposed merger of Randwick council with Waverley and Woollahra councils has been halted pending Woollahra’s appeal to the High […]