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During the current bushfire season there was a warm and fuzzy story doing the rounds on social media, that even found its way into the mainstream press. It was reported that wombats were leading other native animals into their burrows to escape the raging flames. Whilst other animals do sometimes make use of the maze […]


One of the great things about Sydney is the proliferation of wildlife throughout the CBD and suburbs, despite the loss of habitat in many areas. Whilst some animals have all but disappeared others are queuing up to take their place. The Eastern Quoll once roamed the bushland around Nielsen Park in Vaucluse but has not […]

Ferocious roosters, flying shark, bun boycott, ship ahoy: News Bites – 11 Sept 2019

Bite-sized bulletins by ALEC SMART Deadly pecker On 3 Sept, news sources around the world reported a bizarre Australian tragedy about a woman in Adelaide who was pecked to death by her pet rooster. The 76-year-old was collecting eggs on her farm when she was fatally pecked by the rooster, which targeted her varicose veins […]

In Hearts Wake

With the release of their latest album, Ark, Byron Bay band In Hearts Wake completed their trinity of albums celebrating the environment and its three major elements. Kicking off the trilogy was Earthwalker which celebrated the land, that record was then followed up by Skydancer celebrating the air and now we have Ark which is focused on […]

Taking charge against poaching

It’s the art installation that’s perplexing Sydney: what are the dozens of rhinos that have popped up on the city’s streets? The fiberglass sculptures come courtesy of a Taronga and Western Plains Zoo project to promote community awareness about the plight of the rhinoceros. “They’re being poached around the world, in all of their habitats, […]