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Moore Park could become less park

BY ALEX EUGENE Sydney’s precious green space could be under threat again, this time as a result of roadworks and the redevelopment of the Allianz football stadium at Moore Park. Dubbed the “green lungs of Sydney” by the Centennial Park & Moore Park Trust, the 360-hectare wonder is lined by the jam-packed bottleneck South Dowling […]

Eyebrows arch as sculpture’s costs soar skyward

BY ALEC SMART Sydney is renowned for many things, including home to two of the world’s most enthralling pieces of modern engineering: the Opera House and a giant coat hanger bridge that crosses its picturesque harbour. However, one thing for which it has never been known is the manufacture of elastic. In the past week […]


With Coffin Ed. The US based Urban Dictionary lists “Big-Noter” as an original piece of Australian slang, describing a boastful or big headed person. Perhaps we associate the description more with people who splash their wealth around in gratuitous displays of conspicuous consumption. If Sydney was a person there’s a lot to say that it […]


Just prior to the eviction of the tent city community from Martin Place, the Premier Gladys Berejiklian stated that “it was unsafe for people to be sleeping on concrete in Martin Place.” One wonders if that same statement applies to the forty odd men who regularly sleep on concrete in Tom Uren Square in Woolloomooloo […]

Local creatives pushed out the back

BY DYLAN CRISMALE Local businesses are taking it upon themselves to fill vacant shopfronts on Oxford Street, as the City of Sydney continues to allow the streetscape to decline. It has been reported that short-term tenants of 66 Oxford Street recently vacated the building impacting the profit of nearby café Greenhouse Coffee. Darlinghurst Business Partnership […]

Light rail construction derails small businesses

  BY CHARLI SHIELD The NSW Government and City of Sydney are facing backlash over problems caused by the construction of their $2.1 billion light rail project that local retail owners say is destroying the viability of their businesses. Construction has been delayed for the second time since the project started 18 months ago, after […]

Boring bollards keep Sydney safe

BY GEORGIA CLARK The installation of anti-terror bollards in Martin Place has aroused controversy amidst claims that the City of Sydney failed to consult with NSW Police about the development. The concrete slabs, installed near the State Library late last month, have well and truly cemented their place in history this week, after Lord Mayor […]

Deputy Lord Mayor resigns

BY ALEX EUGENE Just nine months after being elected to the City of Sydney Council the Deputy Lord Mayor Kerryn Phelps has resigned from the Clover Moore Independent team. At the City Council meeting on June 26th, Phelps made the shock announcement that she will serve out her remaining three years term as an independent […]

Expenses and Facilities Policy for Councillors reviewed.

BY SORAYA PEREZ MOHAMMED An analysis of the Councillors’ Expenses and Facilities Policy was carried out at the recent City of Sydney Council meeting after it was exposed that Lord Mayor Clover Moore and councillors were requesting up to 30 times more on expenses than their Western Sydney counterparts. The Councillors’ Expenses and Facilities Policy […]

No space at Martin Place

BY ALEX EUGENE Sydney's homeless have been displaced in droves, after being moved on from a camp at Martin Place last Saturday. Police and City of Sydney Council workers evicted dozens of rough sleepers from the area who had been living there for months, and over time had accumulated wooden furniture, a food stall with […]