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This week in weather

It seems the global zeitgeist has ferociously outpaced the Rudd Government in much the same way that basic reality has outflanked the Abbott-Minchin-Robb COALition. China has just announced a 40 per cent reduction in ‘carbon intensity’, although they have yet to specify an overall carbon pollution reduction. Unfortunately, this measure was invented by colleagues of […]

Rights, Carbon, Actions!

Climate Camp is not a new Disney movie but a series of 20 climate workshops and direct actions taking place globally this year, with four scheduled across Australia. Hundreds of concerned citizens last week gathered near the Hazelwood coal-fired power plant in Victoria with the intention of shutting it down, in defiance of a recent […]


Newspaper Ignites Hope, Announces "Civil Disobedience Database" In a front-page ad in today's International Herald Tribune, the leaders of the European Union thank the European public for having engaged in months of civil disobedience leading up to the Copenhagen climate conference that will be held this December. "It was only thanks to your massive pressure […]

$4.5 billion for ‘clean energy’

The Rudd Government has revealed plans to invest $4.5 billion to support clean energy. There will be $2.4 billion for new coal technologies, $1.6 billion in solar technologies, and $465 million to establish a new organisation, Renewables Australia. The $1.6 billion anted-up for solar represents a tenfold increase in government funding. This new 'solar flagship […]

Rally against big polluters

About 500 protesters hit Sydney streets last week calling for an end to the influence of the fossil fuel lobby on climate change policy. Greens Leader Bob Brown, Cate Faehrmann from the Nature Conservation Council of NSW and climate change activist Bev Smiles addressed the crowd at Sydney Town Hall. The protest then marched to […]

Let Them Eat Coal

Four hours north of Sydney, the Liverpool Plains have become the latest badly chosen battleground for an inept and bullying state government. Wielding 'Section 3A' development powers, the Rees government is encamped with BHP. Under the state government's powers concerning large projects, BHP may well benefit from an accelerated approvals process. In 2006, the company […]

The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scam

When the federal ALP created a cabinet portfolio for climate change in addition to the existing environment portfolio, environmentalists cheered. Wider support and expectation of government action on the critical challenge of our time seemed to be not completely unfounded. Fast forward 18 months and witness the paradox. Rather than according the global environmental crisis […]

Unscientific carbon scheme doomed

The Federal Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy has already received close to 14,000 submissions from the public and will continue to hear experts across Australia until April 30, with its final report due for release on May 14. By mid-April, the committee had already heard from Professor Ross Garnaut. The author of the report […]

Climate Inaction – the white choice

People - is there any point to climate change without them? So let's just say it: death to brown people. Ironic that Penny Wong should be Minister for Climate Change when it is set to be the most racist unnatural disaster since the Vietnam War. But that's just a coincidence - a coincidence that Asian, […]

Bad Climate for the Wong Answer…

According to Milne, while it makes repeated reference to carbon targets of 450 parts per million (ppm), if the world adopted the government’s proposed reduction target of 5-15 per cent – numbers “enshrined in the bill”- atmospheric carbon would reach at least 650ppm. This would nearly double the planet’s natural 350ppm load of atmospheric carbon.