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A ferry too far from the ‘Loo

By John Moyle Woolloomooloo is one of Sydney’s oldest suburbs. Subdivided in the 1840, the area’s first land grant occurred in 1793. Nicknamed the ‘Loo, it is still predominately a working class area with a considerable public housing stock. But in recent years the suburb has witnessed a boom in upmarket dining along the Finger […]

Housing Crisis, what crisis?

By John Moyle A recently released research paper claims Australian public housing is in crisis with a shortfall of 433,000 social housing units across the nation and 36,000 new units a year needed over the next 20 years to meet demand. Published by the independent Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, the paper also suggests […]

Better Together the City of Sydney way

By Michael Hitch City of Sydney Council has voted unanimously to grant a $20,000 scholarship to the Equality Project to help facilitate its Better Together conference in Sydney in January 2019. The scholarship will assist with the costs of running the conference under the Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision. Better Together will explore issues facing the […]

Car shares get a big slice of the parking pie

By John Moyle The car sharing model has been around in Australia since two friends in Newtown came up with the idea for GoGet cars, which is undoubtedly now the largest car share company in Sydney. Since its inception in 2003, GoGet now has over 2,700 cars and 100,000 members in its network across Sydney, […]

Late night Sydney loosens its bonds

By Sarah McLenaghan Since the inception of the NSW lockout laws in 2014 there have been growing calls for a revitalisation of Sydney’s nightlife. Last week, City of Sydney responded to these demands with a proposal for some of the most drastic changes to City planning and development across Sydney in decades. Lord Mayor Clover […]

Tunnel vision used for business case

BY WENDY BACON The NSW government has squandered the opportunity to properly cost infrastructure projects by omitting substantial costs from the equation, Associate Professor Glen Searle told the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the impacts of WestConnex. Professor Searle’s evidence came near the beginning of three days of evidence in which the the government’s defence of […]

Sydney light rail gets heavy

BY JOHN MOYLE   The recent parliamentary inquiry into the CBD and South East Sydney light rail has revealed grievances from every stakeholder. The business case for the project was put under the microscope and brought to light major budget and planning failures which will impact the state for a generation to come. Glad the […]

Sydney cyclists driven off the road

BY SARAH MCLENAGHAN     Sydney cyclists are calling for greater protection on NSW roads as motorists continue to drive dangerously around them with no penalty. Reports show a lack of compliance with the Safe Passing Distance Rule by drivers and little to no enforcement of the standard by police. Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club member, […]

Return of Inner West democracy groups

BY SARAH MCLENAGHAN   Inner West residents are being invited to participate in local politics by joining the Council’s democracy groups. The newly elected Council has re-established a democratic system of 14 advisory committees and working groups. Inner West Mayor, Darcy Byrne, said these groups are an important part of how Council engages with the […]

Climate action

BY MICHAEL HITCH Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney, Clover Moore has joined forces with over 23 cities around the world in order to fight climate change as part of a Global Climate Action Summit. Over 4,500 delegates from cities such as Sydney, London Montreal, Paris, Tokyo, New York and Washington DC called upon […]