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The students who took the fight to uni fee deregulation

By Tang Li   Students from the University of Sydney and the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) have united over the past year in a series of protests against the Federal Government’s push towards fee deregulation, which would allow universities to set their own fees.   A combined effort of the Palmer United Party, the […]

Students calculate expensive future

A new online 'Debt Sentence' Calculator made by the Labor shows students the new amounts that they could be paying if deregulation of university fees goes forth.   According to the Labor Party’s calculations, students could find themselves paying up to up to $150,000 for their degrees   The  Opposition has been touring NSW to […]

Inner city supports Gonski

By Emily Contador-Kelsall Schools in the state seat of Sydney are set to lose $13.5 million in federal funding following the Abbott government’s budget cuts. Schools in the Graydler electorate will lose a further $23.1 million. These cuts will disproportionately affect children in public schools with extra learning needs, Indigenous children, children with language proficiency […]

Team Spin, Team hypocrisy

Christoper Pyne reckons the Abbott Government should be praised for dropping their attempt to repeal Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. "It became perfectly obvious to the Government that there was limited community support for changing section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act … We should be getting a tick for listening rather than […]

Prime time outrage over education deregulation

In the federal budget announced on Tuesday night, Treasurer Joe Hockey unveiled the most sweeping changes to the higher education sector since the 1970s, including the deregulation of tertiary education fees and increases to student contributions. These reforms are what students from the Education Action Group were drawing attention to when they staged a protest […]

Well that didn’t take long, did it?

Like a leaky asylum seeker boat floundering in a modest swell a couple of hours after leaving an obscure Indonesian port, the Abbott Government is already at panic stations. Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce and Senator George Brandis are in trouble for claiming something like $3,000 in travel expenses to attend the wedding of rabid shock […]