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West Bondi twin-tower development

BY VANESSA LIM The proposed 11-storey twin-tower building at West Bondi has been recommended to the NSW Department of Planning, despite public disapproval. The Independent Planning Commission has advised the NSW Department of Planning to proceed to the finalisation of the Stargate Property Group’s luxury apartment development. But this proposal has received backlash from locals […]

Skateboard farce in the park

By Andrew Woodhouse The farce known as Woollahra Council's Skateboard Park project in Rushcuttters Bay Park has taken longer than Wagner’s Ring Cycle to reach a conclusion. After eight years, council has delivered only divisiveness. The Paddington school boys who mooted the original skateboard idea now have no use for it because they have left […]

Centennial Park heritage singled out

BY GEORGIA FULLERTON   Sydney's Centennial Park has joined the select group of Australia’s protected landmarks after the Federal Government announced its addition to the Australian National Heritage List last Tuesday. The public parkland encompasses almost 200 hectares in the inner east of Sydney and is the 115th site to be included on the list […]

Opinion: Public toilets are crap

By ALEC SMART Ask the average Sydneysider about the universal Emerald City experience and you will inevitably have to listen to rhapsodies about the beaches and the harbour, then several rants about real estate prices, traffic and rude people on the inadequate public transport. Almost everyone in Sydney can regale you with rat tales - […]

Chuck a wallaby on the BBQ

BY ALEC SMART The summer scent of pork, beef, lamb and chicken frying on Aussie barbecues may one day be a thing of the past, replaced by healthier native delicacies, like possum, wallaby and emu, if chefs promoting indigenous cuisine influence our eating habits. Kangaroo meat has already undergone a resurgence in the nation’s palate […]

Learning to love the bin chicken

BY JOHN MOYLE It is rare when city dwellers don’t get excited about being in close proximity to our native wildlife going about their struggle for survival in our urban wilderness, unless the species is the Australian white ibis. Few creatures of any description have garnered more rancor and derision than the ibis. The white […]

Pondering the pond’s purity

BY TOMMY BOUTROS ‘Extremely high’ levels of cancer-causing chemicals were found in a waterway adjacent to Sydney Airport. Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) were detected by researchers from the University of NSW in water tests of the Mill Stream, which runs from a pond in the Lakes Golf Cub in Mascot, alongside the […]

Save the greenspace in Moore Park: Community

BY ANGIRA BHARADWAJ The Centennial Parkland and Moore Park Trust has invited the community to give its say on the ‘7 big ideas’ for the 150 year old park. With 60,000 new residents expected on the Western side of the parklands over the next 20 years, the trust wants to understand what users of the […]

Callan Park closer to becoming the Centennial Park of the inner west

BY ALEXANDER LEWIS Callan Park is one step closer to total protection from development after the state government passed a motion to implement a trust to manage its future care and use. The heritage-listed site has languished for more than a decade under revolving door management from multiple government agencies. And while the Callan Park […]

Waverley Council unites to keep Centennial Parklands affordable

By Lydia Watson-Moore   Waverley Council has pledged their support for affordable access to primary schools for use of Centennial Parklands in the midst of fee spikes. At their meeting on May 19, the council unanimously voted to work with Centennial Parklands and the Public School Sports Association (PSSA) to encourage a fair price for […]