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Tora – Take a Rest

This album is built of non-threatening electronic elements. It is an absence of the frantic energy that often signifies the style. Considered materials, muted and down-played to create a soft environment to listen in. Tora’s Take A Rest speaks softly to the listener, instilling mental comfort, an easing of anxieties. In the listeners mind they […]

Voyager – Ghost Mile

You’ll find Ghost Mile by Perth’s Voyager in the metal section of your local record store but that isn't necessarily the best descriptor for their sound. Throughout the ten track offering the progressive metal elements form the skeleton upon which pop elements are hung to create a record which is incredibly accessible for new listeners […]

Overcoats – Young

This is alternative. It is alternative to bright, it is alternative to upbeat, it is the alternative to the kind of music that inspires happiness. Instead this album lives in darkness, splitting between two voices with a similar timbre creating an uneasy feeling and plunging with it into the depths of a tumultuous psyche. There […]

Mirrors – Fools Paradise

Throughout the near 25 minute offering Gippsland’s metalcore outfit Mirrors tell compelling stories within their lyrical composition, however the instrumentation isn’t quite as captivating as it slowly falls back on the generic and thus becomes repetitive. The entire EP touches upon the theme of finding your own self worth and those people around you that […]