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Cut Copy – Haiku From Zero

Nostalgia for the 80s really has taken over the music world recently and Cut Copy’s new record Haiku From Zero continues down this path. That is not to say the record isn't original or innovative, Cut Copy have managed to infuse that retro sound with a new twist. Throughout the nine track offering the listener […]

Touch Sensitive – Visions

Michael Di Francesco (aka Touch Sensitive) has been working on this record for the best part of four years and that dedication to the craft certainly comes through in his new LP, Visions. The opening interlude of Visions will be familiar to fans of Netflix’s Stranger Things and set’s the tone for the LP incredibly […]

Bench Press

Melbourne’s post-punks Bench Press debut EP is a stripped back affair, which has sadly been stripped back too far. Throughout the record’s 10 track offering the band have obviously been influenced by classic post-punk and old school rock and roll. Whilst the tracks tell interesting stories the delivery unfortunately pushes you away rather than pulling […]

Boo Seeka – Never Too Soon

At the end of a stressful, frantic week often the one thing you want more than anything is a chilled, relaxing soundtrack for the commute home and indie-electronic duo Boo Seeka have crafted just that with their debut record Never Too Soon. Throughout the eleven track offering the duo have chosen to focus on primarily […]

Michael Harvey – Honey

Sydney's local artist Michael Harvey is a multi-instrumentalist and uses his sweet soulful singing voice to great effect. Dropping a new album titled Honey with a few gigs around town before heading to Europe, Harvey is a busy man who doesn’t fail to deliver his soothing tunes. The first single also titled Honey sets the tone for […]

Yoko-Zuna – Luminols EP

This EP is a Yoko-Zuna taster. It is a mixed bag of styles, each track differing stylistically from the last. Each is surprising and interesting by itself and together they make a treat for the adventurous listener. There is a considerate dose of hip-hop and an even helping of electronic, mixing together in a very […]

The Teskey Brothers – Half Mile Harvest

Melbourne has become a cosmopolitan hub for a vast array of musical styles but one sound you may not expect to be so craftily recreated is that of traditional Motown Americana soul. The Teskey Brothers new record Half Mile Harvest easily captures this sound and transports the listener to a distant time and location. Josh […]

The Kite String Tangle – The Kite String Tangle

There are certainly no wires, strings or notes crossed in the debut album from indie electronic producer/singer/songwriter The Kite String Tangle. Following a long three year production cycle which saw the producer step out of the bedroom and into a professional studio set up the progression is certainly clear. Throughout the record the listener is […]

Kings of Cough Syrup

Melbourne’s indie duo, Kings of Cough Syrup, have released their debut self-titled EP. Creating a soothing, yet haunting atmosphere with their soulful sounds and distinctively changing tempos, they have incorporated a range of instruments to produce a set of unique songs. They experiment with the styles of each song, incorporating electrical rhythms to spice it […]

Kilter – Through The Distortion

After an intensive two years spent in the studio crafting the record, this debut album from Sydney producer Kilter is a phenomenal first outing which obviously employs his vast array of influences. Throughout the record Kilter’s traditional musical training and background comes through clearly in a primarily electronic record. With 13 tracks on this record […]