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Citizen Writes

This weekend 10 emerging writers from culturally diverse backgrounds will share their works of short fiction in an innovative project which speaks to the power of the community. The writers involved in the Citizen Writes project were selected by an independent judging panel with representatives from the top literary institutions such as Sydney Story Factory, […]

Cause & Effect

At this time every year, The Vivid Festival invites organisations, artist and thinkers to run panel discussions, workshops and art related activities in order for the public to engage with the arts and social causes. This year Vivid Ideas is hosting an exciting exhibition run by the social change movement, Carnival of the Bold and […]

Carnival Of The Bold

Art can come in many shapes and formats, each of with their own intrinsic values and benefits which can help to convey an idea or greater social meaning to the audience. This weekend the Carnival of the Bold brings together a range of  different artistic pursuits – whether that be cartoon, hip-hop, spoken word, writing, […]

Carnival of the Bold

Social change will be the compass for Carnival of the Bold, returning this October as part of The Changemakers Festival. A mixture of Sydney artists will shed light on issues affecting modern society through their video entries, photography and painting. Organiser Kevin Bathman says the arts are a great tool to spread a message to […]

Carnival of the Bold

Carnival of the Bold is a festival and a movement of social change being held as part of the Changemakers Festival this year to drive deeper engagement around social causes. Co-founders Kevin Bathman and Zara Choy, from the not-for-profit communications consultancy Coalition of Mischief, devised the event to highlight artists whose work has enabled social […]