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Best American Burgers – Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co.

For a taste of Americana this airy, vintage style diner provides the setting and the food. There’s a mouthwatering selection of gourmet burgers served with crispy fries and your choice of a thickshake, soft drink or beer/wine/cider. You can go for the Betty’s Classic with Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and special sauce or […]

Best Local Bank – Pyrmont Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank

“Bank” is a four letter word at the moment with most major banks dealing with an angry, pitch-fork-wielding customer base. Not Bendigo Bank in Pyrmont. The small, village style bank has virtues as old world as the sandstone walls of the heritage building it occupies. They take the “community” in their name seriously and are […]

Best Urban Oasis – The Grounds of Alexandria

Looking for an escape from the city? Head a little way south to this former industrial precinct from the 1920s. Within the original brick walls, The Grounds offers restaurant and bars, a bakery and patisserie, coffee roasters, an animal farm, a florist, markets and more in a cosy garden atmosphere. You can shop for quality […]

Best Blacksmith – Eveleigh Works

If you’ve been thinking you’d really like to make your own sledgehammer, you’re in luck. At Eveleigh Works, on the fringe of the city in Redfern, they practice and teach one of the oldest skills developed by humans - forging. Situated in the old train yards at Eveleigh, these blacksmithing workshops give you an immersive […]

Best Business Facility – International Convention Centre

The jewel cut facade of the new International Convention Centre is just the first impressive feature of its well conceived design. It’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional (pun intended). With multiple levels, several varied capacity theatres, a wide choice of banquet halls, dozens of meeting rooms, VIP suites, preparation rooms, heaps more facilities […]

Best Late-Night Markets – Chinese Markets

Although it’s typically bustling throughout the day, Chinatown really comes alive on Friday nights. Each Friday night various stands pop up within Chinatown and the sweet aroma of Asian cuisine wafts through the air. From trinkets to dumplings, there’s a stand to feed every need at great prices, indeed! But even if you’re not in […]

Best International Dance Experience – Dance Central

Dance is regarded as a specialised feat of coordination, available only to the physiologically gifted. However, at Dance Central they believe everyone can dance. They have an open door policy to an amazing range of workshops, including familiar favourites like hip-hop, contemporary and ballet. If you’d rather try something with an international flavour then sign […]

Best Hidden Treasure – Wendy’s Secret Garden

Cross over the Bridge and turn left, walk the short distance to Clark Park and then through to the hidden world of Wendy’s Secret Garden. The scenery surrounding the garden is spectacular with views down to Lavender Bay. The garden itself is filled with a unique collection of artefacts and sculptures as well as an […]

Best Chinese Food – Golden Century Seafood Restaurant

This award-winning restaurant is next level Chinese cuisine – this is where other chefs go when they feel like Chinese food. They are renowned for the freshness of their seafood and the flavours they are able to extract and enhance. Crustaceans and shellfish reach a sublime level of culinary genius in the masterful hands of […]

Best Historic Accommodation – The Residences Centennial Park

The Residences are two historic homes, built in the late 1800s and situated within the grounds of Centennial Park. Both are self-contained, fully furnished and have a fenced off garden so you can bring the family dog with you. The Superintendent’s Residence has 4 large bedrooms and its garden is suitable for a 350 guest […]