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Best Asian Fusion – Gweilo

Bringing a hybrid of Hong Kong street food and western cuisine to a newly renovated space inside the Surry Hills landmark hotel, The Evening Star, Gweilo is like a bolt from outer space. The menu references classic Chinese ingredients but with an eclectic infusion of Anglo and European influences that is a plot twist just […]

Best Art Workshop – Cork & Canvas

If you want to change up the usual dinner and club scene, why not try something artistic?  Cork and Canvas specialises in painting workshops for art enthusiasts of all skills and styles, providing a great night out and art lesson all in one. Did I mention the wine? C&C are BYO licensed, so you can […]

Best Local Club – Petersham RSL

The great thing about RSL clubs is the consistency and value they deliver, and that is certainly true about Petersham RSL. You can come in and have a generous meal with a glass of beer or wine at Platform 7 Brasserie followed by coffee and cake at the cafe; buy some raffle tickets; put a […]

Best New Age Shop – Awakening Lotus

Enhance your senses and spirituality by paying a visit to Awakening Lotus. They can help you seek guidance through psychic and tarot readings. They offer spiritual counselling and coaching, as well as providing all the necessary tools to aid you in finding your inner spirit and soul: books, CDs, DVDs, charts, calendars and more. Their […]

Best Flag Collection – Flags Fantastic

Granted, flags are not your staple everyday item, but when you do need one you’ll be glad Flags Fantastic exists. They stock every kind of flag you could ever want to wave: sports teams, national flags, nautical flags, safety and warning flags. And they have specialty flags like chequered, rainbow, skull and crossbones, Eureka, American […]

Best Local Drinking Hole – Lord Roberts Hotel

This beautifully preserved Victorian era pub has served a lot of drinks in its 150 years on a discrete Darlinghurst corner. The exposed brick interior, varnished wood trim, old world decor and ornate ceilings give it a nostalgic charm, classy but not snobby, making it a popular hang out for locals and out 'o towners […]

Best Tapas – The Spanish Fly

Tapas is a reflection of the Spanish spirit of enjoying, food, wine and good company. A slow procession of tasting plates ensures an evening with friends lingers, and when the décor, location and menu items are as amazing as they are at The Spanish Fly, lingering is what you want to do. Paella balls, stuffed […]

Best Indian – Masala Kitchen

When Masala Kitchen promises to “bring you a truly unique sensory experience” they mean that in every way possible. The first thing you’ll encounter when you walk through the door is the tantalising aroma of spices and rich sauces emanating from the kitchen and the bold, lollyshop colour scheme and patterns in the decor. To […]

Best Birthday Deal – El Camino Cantina

If it’s anywhere near your birth month, you’ll want to head over to El Camino Cantina to really cash in on your big day. The Tex-Mex restaurant offers a $25 birthday voucher to those celebrating the special occasion, and it can be used on any of their delicious menu items ranging from sizzling char grilled […]

Best Fresh Seafood – Sydney Fish Market

This popular lunch destination for locals and tourists is the largest seafood market in the Southern Hemisphere. Serviced by a fleet of traditional fishing boats owned and operated by an Italian immigrant family for decades, the SFM has a welcoming village feel to it. It is globally unique in the diversity of fish it sells […]