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Best Trivia – Turbo Trivia

Trivia can be a real drag - and that can make it a whole lot more fun! Turbo Trivia is a troupe of trivia divas led by the legendary Portia Turbo herself.  Respectively - if not respectfully - they host regular trivia nights in venues across Sydney, and are also available for special events and […]

Best of Sydney 2017

We’re never tourists in our own cities, but perhaps we ought to be. Often there are things that stop us in our tracks — a snazzy bit of street art down a hidden lane; a perfect bowl of noodles with just the right amount of bite; the sky looking a certain way at a certain time of the day as the sun sets over the harbour; a dirty ibis crouched on top of a bin, pecking at the remnants of lunch.

18 years of printing the news and raising hell

Eighteen years ago the first edition of City Hub hit the streets promising to "print the news and raise hell". Way back in 1995, Sydney was in the throes of an 18-year redevelopment boom that has never really stopped. Long before Premier Barry O’Farrell bypassed a public tender process and offered James Packer prime publicly-owned […]