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Asbestos policy needs support

BY JOAN HENSON​ Linden Thorley’s home was covered in deadly asbestos after an Australia Street warehouse fire on June 17 last year.​ It took over 10 months to completely clean his address of asbestos. His home had to be demolished as it could not remain standing with the necessary removal of 100 millimetres of soil.​ […]

WestConnex mould found in ear

BY WENDY BACON The Fair Work Commission has recommended that the WestConnex M4 East tunnel employ a full-time hygienist to ensure safe work on the remaining sections of the M4 East tunnel construction. The order was made in late March after a worker was found to have toxic mould growing in his ear. Tests showed […]

Camperdown hot for asbestos

By Lanie Tindale “When the fire happened we escaped with our children, our lives, and our pyjamas. That’s it.   “We are now in the 9th week of crisis accommodation and holding it all together as a family.   We’re tired, we’re emotionally and physically exhausted. This horrible time has been exponentially worsened by the fact that […]

EXCLUSIVE: Asbestos found in Waterloo Green public housing

  City Hub can exclusively reveal that the six high-rise public housing buildings located at Waterloo Green contain asbestos. The hazardous material was found to be decaying in sealing joints around windows. A tenant from the Marton building on Cope Street approached City Hub after a contractor told her the building would not be waterproofed […]

New funding plans for tackling asbestos

Waverley Councillor Miriam Guttman-Jones has called for a review of Waverley’s asbestos policy amid increasing fears over the health hazards posed by asbestos in building materials. In June this year, asbestos removal trucks were found parked outside Bondi Public School, raising concerns over the school community’s exposure to the dangerous fibres. Ms Guttman-Jones, who served […]