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The 22nd Biennale Of Sydney is almost upon us and as always it throws up a multitude of interesting and provocative art experiences. Lots of free events and exhibitions and there’s no doubt it delivers a real buzz to the city. However, it’s always a select group of artists who are chosen to participate and that […]

Saving the Powerhouse Museum

By Kylie Winkworth Voters will have a stark choice in the March State election after Opposition leader Michael Daley launched Labor’s cultural policy outside the Powerhouse Museum (PHM). The centrepiece of the policy is the promise to save the Powerhouse Museum and build a new $500m cultural institution in Parramatta, following proper consultation. The Riverside […]

Masters Of Modern Sound

In a collaboration with Sydney Festival 2019 and Force Majeure, and to complement the current Masters Of Modern Art From The Hermitage exhibition, the Art Gallery of NSW is presenting a truly immersive sensory experience: Masters Of Modern Sound. For three consecutive nights the normally dark, still gallery interior will be lit up and reverberating with […]

Modern raises historic concerns

BY ANNA FREELAND The Development Application for the Sydney Modern project has received hundreds of submissions following its month-long public exhibition, which closed on 15 December. Among those objecting is a group of advocates for the Domain and the Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG), comprised of former RBG Trustees Ros Andrews and Gillian Appleton, urban designer […]

Rembrandt And The Dutch Golden Age: Masterpieces From The Rijksmuseum

On the walls of Sydney’s finest art galleries, world history can often be found through the medium of classical paintings, from a time and place when none of us existed or could have ever experienced. Rembrandt And The Dutch Golden Age: Masterpieces From The Rijksmuseum is an enthralling exhibition of 17th century Dutch painters travelling […]

When Silence Falls

When Silence Falls provides a voice for those who have been silenced. Encompassing painting, video and sculpture, the collection-based exhibition presents the work of contemporary Aboriginal artists alongside contemporary international artists. It considers the violence and loss of often-unacknowledged historical events––cultural displacement, political oppression, ethnic cleansing and massacres. Cara Pinchbeck, curator of Aboriginal and Torres […]

Chiswick at the Gallery

There’s a better meld between the new name-brand occupant and the kind of restaurant we might expect to represent us in a key public space.

Pop to Popism

When the Pop Art movement burst onto the scene in the 1960s, it was a colourful collision of wit, appropriation and subversive iconography that challenged our notion of art, permeated our consciousness and left people wanting more. That cultural craving will be indulged in November when Pop to Popism opens at The Art Gallery of […]

Detention centre profits sour Biennale

Artists, activists, and members of the public are calling for a boycott of the Sydney Biennale after the parent company of the art festival’s major sponsor announced it would be managing welfare services for overseas detention centres. The Biennale’s main sponsor is the Transfield Foundation, a joint philanthropic venture between Transfield Holdings and Transfield Services, […]