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Milwaukee Banks – No Time

When you press play on any artists second album what you’re really hoping to hear is a level of development to the sound which initially compelled you to enjoy the first record. Thankfully for Australian electronic hip-hop duo Milwaukee Banks they have more than satisfied that desire with their new record No Time. No Time […]

Alison Wonderland

Alison Wonderland doesn’t even want to think about where she would be without music. Particularly after releasing her latest album, Awake, which was an incredibly emotional writing experience. “With Awake I genuinely feel like that album saved my life because I was coming to a lot of realisations about myself,” Wonderland explained. “I had hit […]

Alison Wonderland – Awake

Sydney's Alison Wonderland has been making waves globally, in large part thanks to her electrifying live performances but her writing and production is also not to forgotten. With her second album, Awake, Wonderland has pushed her boundaries in many ways and created something that demands attention. Whilst her production abilities are well known this new […]


The music industry, particularly electronic music, is still very much a “boys club” but DJs and artists like Alison Wonderland and Sports are leading the women’s movement. This weekend Alison Wonderland is hosting her very own festival, The Wonderland Scarehouse Project, which further cements herself as Australia’s leading lady of electronic music. Whilst this is a […]