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Sailing Solo

By Madison Behringer Sydney is home to some of the best opera and live theatre venues in the world, with companies such as Opera Australia and Sydney Theatre Company offering audiences brilliant performances and experiences time and time again. In companies such as these their subscriber base often stretches far and wide, however outside of […]

American Psycho The Musical

Barely had it hit the shelves in 1991 before Brett Easton Ellis’ controversial novel about a narcissistic Wall Street serial killer was pulled off again, only being sold in shrink wrap to people over 18. In 2000, American Psycho was turned into a film, receiving mixed but emphatic reviews. Then, somewhat surprisingly, it was adapted […]

REVIEW: Degenerate Art

Degenerate Art was the name of the infamous exhibition mounted in Nazi Germany in 1937 that displayed the priceless treasures looted by the Nazis and destroyed the reputations of many modern artists, especially Jews, Communists, abstract painters, and expressionists, among others.  In his play of the same name, writer/director Tony Schmitz explores the notion of art […]