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Tom Misch – Geography

Listening to the music of South London’s Tom Misch you would never guess this producer is only 22 years of age, as his music carries a wisdom and depth of a much older and more experienced artist. Within the 13 track offering Misch subtly blends influences from a range of genres to create a record […]

Alison Wonderland – Awake

Sydney's Alison Wonderland has been making waves globally, in large part thanks to her electrifying live performances but her writing and production is also not to forgotten. With her second album, Awake, Wonderland has pushed her boundaries in many ways and created something that demands attention. Whilst her production abilities are well known this new […]

What So Not – Not All The Beautiful Things

What So Not (aka Chris Emerson) allows his vast array of collaborators and influences to seep into the music but because he himself is a veteran producer he takes each of these elements and elevates them to new heights. As the listener progresses through Not All The Beautiful Things they are treated to glimpses of […]

Ribongia – M∆∆T

Sydney producer Ribongia has delivered an electronic music album which is unlike any other as it shatters boundaries. Throughout the album there are the elements, such as dynamic beat progressions and and captivating grooves, which one would expect from an electronic album. There is however a special ingredient in M∆∆T, the incorporation of natural sounds, […]

Born Ruffians – Uncle, Duke & The Chief

The latest record from Canada’s indie-rock darling Born Ruffians is perhaps their most polished and compelling offering to date. Throughout the tight nine track record the trio explore a wide spectrum of emotions, from the joyous to the melancholy. This is a record which begs for multiple listens as it plucks away at your heart strings. […]

Alison Ferrier – What She Knows

Alison Ferrier's album What She Knows is truthful and emotive. Each song has a logic and a rhythm of its own, grown organically and holding true to the style it demands. Ferrier’s stories are played from her heart strings honestly and evocatively. The listener knows that she has lived through her experiences and that her […]

Tonight Alive – Underworld

The latest offering from Tonight Alive, who are now a four piece, is driven by vocalist Jenna McDougall’s powerful lyricism and vocals. Throughout the record the group offer up a selection of pop-rock which occasionally verges on pop-metal. Jenna McDougall’s powerful female vocals provide the record with a truely unique sound in the genre. Beneath […]

Tiny Little Houses – Idiot Proverbs

The debut album from Melbourne’s Tiny Little Houses sees the group pushing forward into an exciting new indie-rock direction. Throughout the record the group employ a more raucous, gritty texture to their sound whilst still maintaining their indie-pop charm. Idiot Proverbs has a number of tracks in it’s midst that will quickly have the listener singing […]

The Black Seeds – Fabric

The Black Seeds album Fabric is brimming with love and good vibes. Bouncing around the listener, the sounds of Fabric encourage happiness with every couple of beats. The listener is part of a circle, fed by joy and feeding theirs back into the music. Inclusive and welcoming, the music earns the same from the listener, it […]

Suburban Dark – Death From Below

The latest release from Sydney duo Suburban Dark would be better described as a collection of soundscapes rather than songs. Death From Below is filled to the brim with deep, dark synthetic sounds which could very easily have been pulled from a dark, futuristic sci-fi film. Scattered throughout the record are a few tracks which […]