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B Boys – Dudu

The B Boys manage to capture the bleak mundaneness of everyday life but deliver it in a way which is somehow engaging and enjoyable to listen along to. Throughout the record, the band lay down track after track of buzzing indie rock. What truly sets them apart though is the clear, simple and matter of […]

Northlane – Alien

Sydney rockers Northlane return with another driving hardcore rock record, but this time they have sprinkled in plenty of soul and heart. Lyrically and thematically this record is a departure from Northlane’s roots. On previous outings, the group had chosen to focus on broad societal issues whereas with Alien they have chosen to look inward […]

Skyscraper Stan – Golden Boy Vol I & II

Very few musicians truly embody the troubadour spirit in this modern age as much as Skyscraper Stan does with his latest release, Golden Boy. Golden Boy is delivered to listeners as a singular package but actually consists of two distinct volumes. Whilst each volume stands alone in their own rights when paired together the listener […]

Jess Ribeiro – LOVE HATE

The title of Jess Ribeiro’s third album, LOVE HATE, certainly reveals everything you would need to know about its thematic content. The record traverses the theory that we experience love over the course of seven stages - attraction, infatuation, love, reverence, worship, obsession, death. Sonically the record is vastly different to her previous offerings but […]

Totally Unicorn – Sorry

The sophomore record from Totally Unicorn sees the band enter new territory which is much darker than their debut offering. Sorry sees the exploring heavy themes of depression, divorce, substance abuse and the realities of growing older. With these new themes, the band has also altered the sonic elements of their music, injecting this record with […]

I Know Leopard – Love Is A Landmine

The debut record from I Know Leopard is a beautifully sweet and emotional 70s soft-rock record. Throughout the 11 track offering the group explore themes of happiness, loss, romance and essentially any emotion which is intrinsically tied to love. This kaleidoscopic thematic approach creates a record which is incredibly nuanced and deep.  Allowing listeners to […]

Hands Like Houses – Anon

Anon is the latest record from Aussie rockers Hands Like Houses and dives into the very machinations of the things that can make us all feel isolated, nameless and faceless, whether that is anxiety, heartbreak, alcoholism and many more. Throughout the record the band have produced a wide ranging soundscape of styles which range from […]

Rabbit Island – Deep In The Big

The latest record from Perth’s Rabbit Island will wash over you like a warm, soothing shower and have you immediately enter a state of relaxed bliss. Throughout the record the production is kept clean, crisp and simple with incredibly understated, airy vocal flourishes. By blending electronic production elements with guitars, pianos, organs and her own […]

Lloyd Spiegel – Backroads

There is a lot happening on the Backroads. Moving through styles like a car through neighbourhoods, enjoying the scenic route and stopping just long enough for a photo, Lloyd Spiegel makes the trip look easy. Listeners will not get bored with a formula while listening to this album, as there doesn’t appear to be one. […]

Gum – The Underdog

Tame Impala’s Jay Watson has been quietly putting out solo records under the moniker of Gum, the most recent of which is his forth record The Underdog. Fans of Tame Impala will certainly be able to find something to grasp onto here despite this record being filled with a much more electronic, psychedelic, synth-pop sound. […]