Meet The Locals

The Pie Tin

The name says it all. On opening the doors of the little corner shop only a block off of King, you will enter a pie lover’s paradise. One counter is full of sweet pies from Apple to Lemon to Oreo to TimTam. You name it; they’ll have it. The other wall holds savoury pies from […]

Australian Homestay Network

Meet the locals – Australian Homestay Network BY JADE MORELLINI Australian Homestay Network (AHN) was founded in 2007 to provide international students with a higher quality of living, offering them a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment to begin their time in Australia. Homestay is more than a place to sleep and eat. It allows students […]

Alpha Gallery

The Alpha Gallery is a melting pot of community and culture. The space includes both apartments for residents as well as a gallery and studio to exhibit their art. Guests can climb the entry stairs, sheltered in a quiet corner off of Union Street, and enter a new world. Watch a musical performance on the […]


Dangerfield is one of Australia’s most successful young fashion companies, with stores and stockists throughout the country. Their flagship Sydney store in the heart of King Street is a fitting space for the brand. Featuring the largest selection of Dangerfield, Revival and Princess Highway in the city. Racks of men’s and women’s clothes offer a […]

C9 Chocolate and Gelato

As the old saying goes: Do one thing and do it well. At C9 Chocolate and Gelato, they’ve turned that saying on its head slightly: do two things and do them, very, very well. At C9, you can’t go wrong with either of their main products. The coffee is superb, and the clean, chic interior […]

Street Art

Found around every corner, Newtown’s street art is as varied as it is abundant. From political to whimsical, bright colours beautify quiet neighbourhoods and tower over busy streets. The most well known are the “I Have a Dream” mural found in the middle of King Street and the Welcome to Newtown Postcard at the corner […]

Jenny Leong

Looking to have a greater voice in your community? Looking to give back? Visit Jenny Leong’s offices on King Street. Whatever you are passionate about, Jenny and her staff are ready to listen and help you make a difference. Address relevant issues such as the Marriage Law postal survey, WestConnex, and the housing crisis. Working […]

Sydney Park

At the very end of King Street, Sydney Park is a breath of fresh air. With over 40 hectares of gardens, fields, forests, and lakes, the park caters to everyone. Lose yourself on a quiet walk along one of the park’s many gurgling creeks. Take your children to the specially designed tactile playground and experience […]

Enmore Theatre

Inside its great orange and salmon Enmore Street facade, Enmore Theatre boasts great history and entertainment. Built over a hundred years ago, the theatre has survived many of its counterparts’ demolitions and developments. The inner hall contains a luscious crimson carpet and architecture of a range of styles from Edwardian to Art Deco. Well known […]

Auntie Ursula

If you’re in need of a cute sundress, a warm fall coat, or anything in between, Auntie Ursula is the place to go. Upon entering, you’ll find racks of clothes of all colours. The small store also contains a wide range of sunglasses, socks, and even some slippers! The style is always current, with new […]