Foodies’ Diary: Mayday!

Mayday! Mayday! My partner is seriously considering having a Man Vs. Food moment at Essen Restaurant this month, during their Schnitzilla Challenge…

More Than Just Bread

In Matthew 4:4 it was said that one cannot survive upon bread alone. After eating the stellar loaves of Sonoma Bakery, Brasserie Bread, Iggy’s, and yes, even the newly relocated Arras Restaurant, I beg to differ. What I will concede is that after countless dinners out with the same (unnamed) dining companion, one also needs to be able to make good dinner conversation. So here’s some art, literature and culture to include in your diet…

The Greek Diaspora

When people ask me about being a food writer, I usually turn the tables around and ask them what their favourite restaurant is. Consistently over the last four years, one restaurant name has come up more often than any other – Perama. Though I’m loath to admit it, I still haven’t got to Petersham for a meal at Perama! My only excuse is: that with all of you liking it so much, it doesn’t really need a review from me contributing to the difficulty in finding a table.

Ithaka Kafeneion

Spanakopita ($6.90) – and probably the best one I’ve tried – joins Rendang, Shanghai Soup Dumplings; Pad Thai and what I’m told will be an Argentinian wine bar in the très cosmopolitan Llankelly Place.

Foodies’ Diary

Give me the chance to give you the latest list of must-gives as we head into the giving season.

Souvlaki Hut

Tougher economics mean I’m attempting to diversify this section with meals that suit all budgets, but price isn’t the only reason I’d recommend this place. The style of food promotes sharing (with tongs and cutlery made of actual metal); the cuisine’s recognisably Greek and the fine print reads it’s better for you, unless salt is a problem.

Civic Dining

The stylishly revamped art-deco room, complete with a gleaming baby grand piano, provides a wonderful setting for Modern Greek cuisine that cruises above and beyond even 'gastro-pub' fare. Start with a flaky Blue Swimmer Crab and Haloumi Tartlet ($24) or a beautifully plated (and partially de-boned) Pomegranate Roasted Quail ($24) set atop a salad of […]