Foodie Diary

Food News – New Dining Options

Despite the colder weather inclining us to stay indoors, Sydney’s restaurateurs have been busy diversifying our dining options this winter. I recently popped into Walsh Bay’s Lotus Dumpling Bar for a steamer basket of prawn dumplings and scallop shumai, only to hear they’re kicking things up to the next level with Lotus Galeries opening this month in the heart of the CBD.

This Week’s Food News – Madame Truffles

What do truffles smell and taste like? Mushrooms, old socks, male pheromones, forest floor, umami and sex were all thrown about during my visit to Madame Truffles.

Food News – Izba Russian Treats

While I know my pirozhki (filled Russian buns) from my blini (pancakes) I must admit to being a bit lost with Russian cakes. Olga Rogacheva from Izba Russian Treats in Newtown helped me get up to speed, ahead of her new store’s grand opening in Broadway Shopping Centre.

Food News – Nissos Craft Beer

After meeting personable founder of Nissos Craft Beer, Alexandros Kouris, I was keen to give his beer a whirl. What I found was a lovely, clean and refreshing pilsner, with enough flavour not to be boring.

Food News – Clifford Smith Handmade

Flour, butter, sugar, peanut butter, eggs and salt - the reassuring ingredient list of the Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Biscuits [RRP $10/150g] is something your grandmother would recognise, but my Nanna never made biscuits quite like these!

Food News – Cooking With Fire

Barely open a month, Lennox Hastie’s new spot Firedoor is already being touted as Sydney’s hit restaurant of 2015. As a nice counter to all the ‘paleo’ rubbish people seem to be lapping up, this restaurant celebrates the relationship between food and fire.

Food News – Olive Oil

In my home, Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our general all-purpose olive oil, and we usually supplement it with a premium olive oil like Joseph First Run or The Little General for dressings and finishing dishes.

Food News – Mayfield Garden

Mayfield Garden is a grand folly. When the opportunity arose to visit the public-facing segment of billionaire Garrick Hawkins’ Oberon weekender for an Autumnal Harvest Feast, I leapt at the chance.

Food News – Casa Barilla

It’s Monday night and I’m wondering whether an after-work cooking class at the Casa Barilla Italian Cooking School might have been ambitious.

Food News – Gourmet Cinema

They travel the world just to dine at three Michelin-starred restaurants. They’re part of an elite group of international food bloggers, and they’re hitting the big screen on June 10 in Foodies at Sydney Film Festival 2015.