Foodies’ Diary

Paris’s iconic waiters’ race attracts five hundred starters each June. You’ll have to wait until Sunday May 16th to see just how many competitors The Great Sydney Waiters Race attracts for the inaugural one kilometre course around the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

The Riverview Hotel

This sensitively renovated gastro-pub dining room is very Balmain. “I’m putting up a registry for my thirtieth,” cuts through from a neighbouring table to illustrate my point. Luckily most conversation is reduced to an indistinct murmur by the room’s angles, so I lose myself in the picturesque Balmain roof-line and purple hued sky.

The Ditzy Tart

What’s this - a pocket of Newtown springing up in trendy Bondi? It’s easy to sink into this laid-back, homely cafe that looks and feels like a lounge room.

Jah Bar

The warmer weather has driven me further afield, and after enjoying a day at Manly beach, I was delighted to avoid the usual food traps in favour of this funky tapas hideaway!

Foodies’ Diary: Hot’n’Cold

Not many fast food restaurants volunteer their product to be tested by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute – that’s how sure that Guzman Y Gomez are that their product is actually GOOD for you.

Foodies’ Diary

Last week I wrote about the American ice-cream I won’t be buying this summer, so this week I thought I’d include some information about the Australian ice cream that I do put in my freezer.

The Big Scoop

Last Saturday I joined a smaller-than-expected queue outside Australia’s first Ben & Jerry’s for their ‘12-Hour Scoop-A-Thon’. Surrounded by fake cows and eager families, I felt conflicted; we had to decide on a flavour before entering the store. I chose Phish Food on the advice of experienced consumer: “You’ve got to be careful; the ones that sound really good are too rich.”

Foodies’ Diary

Give me the chance to give you the latest list of must-gives as we head into the giving season.

Ravesi’s *UPDATED*

This restaurant is a floor above and a cut above the standard Bondi Beach fare. The new Brutalist bare concrete bar with orderly rows of bottles and low lighting makes the recently launched wine bar a stylish and enticing place to peruse the chalkboard tapas menu.

Foodies’ Diary

Tis’ The Season Sweet Infinity ( pastry chef Leanne Beck first captured my taste buds with her pies, but in more recent times, it’s her community spirit that’s garnered my attention.