The Cook’s Bookshelf

In the companion book to her ABC series, Masterchef darling Poh Ling Yeow’s emphasis is on reducing recipe difficulty so readers actually try her dishes at home.

Bamboo Dumpling Bar (Balmain)

If you’ve travelled to the Guangzhou Province you’re probably not going to like this well-decorated space with puffer fish stuffed birdcages and Chairman Mao propaganda art.

Foodies’ Diary: Tasty & Refreshing

According to writer Christian Lander, it is “required by white-person law that you publicly declare foreign cinema to be better than Hollywood movies” so you better go watch some, at the 14th Japanese Film Festival.

Uchi Lounge

Overshadowed by the cool Brisbane Street architecture sits a dated two-storey building that’s housed this restaurant for more than a decade. Inside, old world charm also wins over renovation.

Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant

In over thirty years of operation, Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant has certainly carved out its own unique place in Sydney’s dining scene. Whilst vegetarians and vegans are the obvious target audience, what it does best is cater to the omnivores who dine with them, surprising them with filling, tasty and satisfying dishes that don’t contain meat.

Agapé Organic Restaurant & Bar

Expand your organic vocabulary in this earthy yet elegant space that rescues ancient grains and biodynamic farming from the hippy, brown rice and Nimbin brigade. With social justice and charity firmly on the menu, it’s nice to see it’s not at the expense of flavour.

Amaya Restaurant

This little white box in the budding Llankelly Place dining precinct offers an idiosyncratic take on Thai cuisine that reflects the influences and interests of owner/chef Bee – Walailak Tantisak.

Baker Street Ultimo

With his arms spread wide over the counter of his new Harris Street bakery café, Juan Duret explains: “I just love cooking! You start with a bag of flour and convert it into all of this!”

Ithaka Kafeneion

Spanakopita ($6.90) – and probably the best one I’ve tried – joins Rendang, Shanghai Soup Dumplings; Pad Thai and what I’m told will be an Argentinian wine bar in the très cosmopolitan Llankelly Place.

Universal Restaurant

Trip the tangerine light fantastic into Chrissy Manfield’s mostly al-fresco restaurant; packed and unpacked Tetris-style each evening.