The Eathouse Diner

Baseball caps at jaunty angles, skinny-leg jeans, a smattering of tattoos - and that’s just the customers! Despite attracting the instinctively hip, this organically kitsch diner decked out in turquoise and red puts out a come-as-you-are vibe.

Churras *UPDATED*

“You’re new to Brazilian? Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you,” echoes from a neighbouring table. And take care of you is exactly the Brazilian passadores do; their skin glistening as they man the churrasco before a back-lit image of Christ the Redeemer.

My Bad… Valentine

Transvision Vamp sang it best: “I guess it never really ends, it just comes around again.” Another year is over and we’re back in the lead up to Commercial Exploitation Day er… I mean Valentine’s Day. It’s not that I’m anti-love - really! I just happen to think that ANY night is a good night to take the one that you love to a restaurant. Truth be told, any night bar Christmas night is probably a better one to dine than the 14th February, 2011. However it is on the social calendar, and if you need an excuse to re-energise your love life like a little chocolate/flower envy at the office or a saucy dinner invitation, who am I to dissuade you?

Cafe Giulia

This popular Chippendale entry attracts students, locals and workers from the trendy designer businesses located in the vicinity. The large blackboard menu is the only hint that all ordering is done at the counter.

Jazz City Diner

Follow the cool cats into a New Orleans inspired neo-diner, dishing up deconstructed and exciting modern American cuisine. Owner/Chef Dan McGuirt’s fine dining experience at Melbourne’s Vue du Monde stands him in good stead with the menu that takes as its starting point traditional diner food.

Foodies’ Diary: Provisions, Concoctions, Libations & Reservations

If you’re keen on a bit of a barbeque over summer you might need to follow in my footsteps to Alexandria for Establishment 218. After leaving the family wagon in the plentiful parking, you’ll don a thermal jacket and step into the massive cool room to select your vacuum packed beef at a whopping fifty percent cheaper than most butchers!

La Grande Bouffe

From a mighty fine amuse-bouche of two garlic snails, best consumed with crusty Warm Baguettes ($4.50), to the final quartet of nicely ripened imported Assiette de Fromage ($19), the kitchen here didn’t miss a beat.

Chefs Gallery

Clever restaurateur Kaisern Ching has taken Sydney’s Northern Chinese dumpling craze one-step further in this exciting new entry that has a queue snaking down Bathurst Street every evening.

The Village

New owners, Barossa Valley Wine brothers Dylan and Justin Fairweather, have dropped the New York aspirational ‘East’, and made this Darlo icon a well-priced dining proposition.

Foodies’ Diary: Tasty C-Words

I was one of the lucky few treated to a peek at the new Aria Catering at their launch event at Strickland House last week. After games of croquet on the lush green lawn, we explored the mansion with each room offering up unique and theatrical presentations of food.