Food, Five-Ways

The last month has been a whirlwind of foodie events and dining adventures. From getting a taste of Mudgee as part of the Pyrmont Festival, to eating the cuisine of one of the world’s original Master Chefs, I’ve got a lot to report back on…

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café

It’s nice to see venues in The Rocks gradually eroding the area’s once-deserved reputation for tourist traps serving up overpriced and underwhelming cuisine.

Foodies’ Diary: Hold Off Hibernation

With each passing day, winter draws nearer. The inevitable arrival of the cold always fills me with a sense of desperation; an urgent need not to waste any sunshine that happens to flow my way. So do use the merry month of May to hold off hibernation and fatten up on foodie pleasures to survive the long winter ahead. After all, bikinis rarely look quite so far away…

Off the Meat’n Track

Alex Harmon used to think vegetarians were missing out when it came to food (apart from being served first on an airline). Turns out the lacklustre restaurants with paper tablecloths and meatless mezze plates she had in mind were just a myth...

Chophouse *UPDATED*

It shouldn’t surprise that the restaurant that dished up Michael McGurk’s last meal, is a men’s meat and greet club. Stellar waiter Adrian Chambers hints Thursday lunchtime is the preferred timeslot for tableside wheeling, dealing, and bloody good steaks

The Invasion of Europe

Sharing food is a great way of getting to know someone. As you pass the paella across the table, you’re sharing more than just a meal; you’re sharing a bit of yourself and your culture, giving them a taste of who you are.

Vacanza Pizzeria

Despite the all-round excellence of Nick Gilbert’s pizzas, I’m going to remember this spot for the ripper Roma Baked Lasagne ($18) and the Tiramisu ($10).

Bar Cha

Fed up with the strict hours of Yum Cha, the pushy trolley bidding, and the big noisy tables? Look beyond China Town to the phenomena sweeping Sydney that is Bar Cha. Combing booze and the bite size deliciousness of dumplings is a combination so good, I fear it could put Lazy Susans out of business. Here are my top picks:

MissChu @ Opera Kitchen

Popularity can have its downside. I headed back to Opera Kitchen for an early pre-show meal intent on sampling the offerings of MissChu, only to find the store had sold out of almost everything!

Sabbaba Newtown

The Middle East is so where it’s at right now. Luke Bayliss (Sumo Salad) shows he has his finger on the pulse with his newest entry to the King Street foodie parade.