Caffe Sicilia

The gleaming surfaces in this beautifully decked out Crown Street newbie scream ‘great train journey’ to me. So climb aboard for a luxury trip to 1940s Sicily.

Foodies’ Diary: Carnal Vices

Now that we’re in the depths of winter, one can surely be forgiven for indulging a few carnal vices?

Let’s Eat (Neutral Bay)

The team behind the popular Let’s Eat in Marrickville have brought their tasty Thai to Neutral Bay. Despite a ritzier, texturally rich fit-out, diners on the north side haven’t been asked to fork out more than a couple of dollars per dish over the super-reasonable Marrickville prices.

Foodies’ Diary: Boozy Nights & Beer Goggles

If you’ve been keeping an eye on my reviews, you’ll probably notice I’m becoming quite the beer drinker. Who’d have thought? This week you’ll find a new review for Coogee Café…After Dark where I wax lyrical about 4 Pines Pale Ale. Next week you’ll be able to read all about Tommy’s Beer Café in Glebe where I try the original pilsner from Pilsen.

Bistro Ortolan

It seems the gap between one-hat and two-hat restaurants just got wider! Inside the warm, elegant room - a perfect respite from the wild and woolly weather outside - you’ll find technical excellence, generosity and a feeling of value for money that belies the high-end price tags.

Bentley Restaurant & Bar

Brent Savage’s cooking at this restaurant is a well-documented treat, so when I finally rewarded myself with a Degustation ($120/head), I delineated it as a night off.

Tomislav *UPDATED*

You know the food’s amazing when you have time to amuse yourself composing letters in your head: Dear Nanna, it’s probably best if you just stop making Warm Rice Pudding ($16), Chef Tomislav Martinovic has it all sewn up.

Foodies’ Diary: Arty Eats

As the weather cools off completely, Sydney comes alive with festivals guaranteed to tempt you out of hibernation with a range of arty eats…

Argyle Bazar

It’s a delight to see Miguel Maestre return to the modern Spanish tapas that first excited me about his cooking. Take his Grilled Mushrooms ($10) as a case in point.

Booth Street Bistro

On an all-too-rare night off, my significant other and I popped into this newish local, for an all-important meal with the mother-in-law. Whilst I wasn’t intending upon reviewing, my meal in this warm, personable space was so bang on for a modern day bistro bite, out popped my pen.