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City News

Tenancy defenders win reprieve

By WENDY BACON A newly formed community group has stopped its first eviction in St Peters this week. The Housing Defence Coalition (HDC) has been formed to protect vulnerable tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic. New Zealand citizen ’Layla’, who recently lost her full-time job, received a call from the tenant from whom she sublets on […]

Pyrmont: founded on corruption, divided by disease, united by industry

by ALEC SMART The Pyrmont peninsula is a sandstone-based outcrop bordered either side by two navigable coves, Blackwattle Bay and Darling Harbour. The region has gone through boom, bust and boom again as it transitioned from abattoirs to quarries to docks to slums and is now a hub for technology and tourism. Although inhabited for […]

The changing face of Pyrmont

By ALLISON HORE NSW Govt and private consortiums are presenting development plans for Pyrmont’s future... Pyrmont through the ages has had many faces. The face of Pyrmont today looks a lot different to the Pyrmont that was a working class port area, and the derelict Pyrmont scarred by decades of quarrying of the 1980s. Over […]

Riot Police shut down Villawood Detention Centre protest

By ALEC SMART Riot Police were deployed at Villawood Immigration Detention Centre in Villawood, west of Sydney, on 16 April to quell a rooftop protest by three detainees in the Blaxland compound, which began five days earlier on Easter Saturday. Around 200 Villawood detainees also began a hunger strike on Monday 13 April to demand […]

Trains kept on track

Opinion by ROYDON NG In a major win for Western Sydney commuters, the NSW Government has promised to maintain rail services beyond Bankstown, which were scheduled for closure when the $12 billion Metro City and Southwest rail line opens. Responding to community concerns raised at the recent NSW Upper House Inquiry into the Sydenham to […]

Yarra Bay cruise ship terminal postponed

By ALEC SMART The NSW Government has postponed their plan for a third cruise ship terminal in Botany Bay. The $550 million construction project, as yet awaiting a decision on the two proposed sites of Yarra Bay cove or Molineaux Point alongside, is now suspended for 18 months. The government’s marina plan envisions cruise ships […]

Rich-v-poor policing: Sydney lockdown differs per suburb

By ALEC SMART When it comes to policing Covid-19 restrictions, Sydney appears to be divided by its economic regions. The inner suburbs, dominated by lower-income earners, are facing enthusiastic police patrols issuing spot-fines to perceived transgressors of the emergency lockdown laws, while the more affluent neighbourhoods like Balmain and the North Shore suburbs are apparently […]

Easter cancelled; minister canned

By ALEC SMART Drones, helicopters and number plate recognition technology were employed across NSW to catch those attempting to go on holiday for the Easter long weekend, to prevent them breaching social distancing laws and spreading Covid-19. NSW’s coronavirus death toll has reached 23 with close to 3,000 confirmed cases of infection. Prime Minister Scott […]

Detained refugees risk Covid-19 outbreaks

By JOHN MOYLE There is nothing like a pandemic to make us focus on our very survival but that often comes at the cost of forgetting about those such as refugees and asylum seekers, who have no voices in the community. Since the Federal Government introduced Operation Sovereign Borders in September 2013, any person attempting […]

Brakes taken off NSW development approvals

Opinion by MERRILL WITT A great leap forward? If you know a little about the history of China, you may have been bemused to read that Tom Forrest, the new CEO of Urban Taskforce, described the recently announced planning system reforms as "a great leap forward for jobs, housing supply and the NSW economy." As […]