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Islam not on trial

By Nukte Ogun Five Sydney men are facing trial, accused of conspiring to commit a terrorist act to influence the Federal Government's policy on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Khaled and Moustafa Cheiko, Mohamed Elomar, Abdul Rhakib Hasan and Mohammed Omar Jamal, aged 24 to 43, allegedly possessed material, 'which supported indiscriminate killing, mass […]

The Green New Deal

By Roger Hanney In late October Tasmanian federal Greens senator, Christine Milne, was in Sydney to address one a weekly policy forum presented by the privately funded Sydney Institute. Milne used the occasion, hosted by chairman Gerard Henderson, to launch the Green New Deal. After acknowledging the Eora traditional owners, Milne began by painting two […]

Fuel of shit!

By Roger Hanney In the first week of October, New Zealand-based Aquaflow Bionomic Corp announced a twin-pronged breakthrough. The company is a world leader in research and development of third generation biofuels produced from algae that feed on industrial and human waste, rather than the displacement of essential food crops. The significant advantages of such […]

Swamping around in the mountains

By Ashley Devine The Environment Expo at Wentworth Falls Lake aims to educate people on the environmental importance of hanging swamps. The expo is part of the 16th Footbeat Festival in the Blue Mountains from October 15 to 26, an annual event that celebrates music, art and the environment. Festival director Tom Papas said he […]

Prisoners see daylight but jobs lost

BY SHANT FABRICATORIAN Under pressure from prison reform activists, the State Government decided in late September to abandon the controversial 18-hour cell lockdown policy at Long Bay prison hospital. However, the surprising decision to withdraw Corrective Services staff from the hospital entirely, with the potential loss of over 100 jobs, has angered the Public Services […]

Donning the mask of environmentalist

By Roger Hanney Prime time gardener and environmental opportunist Don Burke has signed on as a pulp mill spokesperson for Gunns Ltd. His status is as 'consultant' and he insists he will be able to look at all their operation and ask anything he wants. This is utter bullshit. Burke is chairman of the Australian […]

Blocking websites a slippery slope

BY BIANCA BIRDSALL Concerns are mounting about Federal Government plans to blacklist some websites in Australia. The Government intends to produce two blacklists, one relating to inappropriate content for children, and another for adults. IT experts have suggested that although list one will have an opt-out clause, list two will not. This means all adults […]

“Oh my God, That’s F#@%ed!!!” Special US Edition.

By Roger Hanney Sarah Palin. Need I keep writing' Palin recently admitted the climate in Alaska is changing but questioned human involvement. Maybe the planet is being warmed by the fires of Hell' Or God's anger over teenage rape victims who opt for abortion' Speaking of demented bitches, Fannie Mae ' the US mortgage lender […]

Gorgeous! The Famous Spiegeltent

Story by Sunday Francis-Reiss The Famous Spiegeltent is coming to Sydney, to host a cavalcade of contemporary performances on the Opera House Forecourt. A fittingly jubilant program of music, comedy, cabaret and kids stuff has been specially selected to play the Spiegeltent from October 17 through November 15, with all tickets going for under $50. […]


  By Lawrence Gibbons   Following the collapse of the banks this black October, not many people would be willing to launch a magazine on Halloween. And yet at the very peek of the sub crime crisis, the British publisher Felix Dennis has committed $15 million to launching 'The Week' in Australia on October 31st. […]