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You’ve Got to Give Them Hope

By Lawrence GibbonsJust two months before Harvey Milk was assassinated, I moved near San Francisco to attend uni in Berkeley. Like many of my generation, I came out of the closet kicking. The year was 1978, the same year Mardi Gras' first protestors were rounded up and jailed in Sydney, and in California, born again […]

Aussie Flicks Shine Bright in the 2008 Sydney Film Festival

With over 18 Australian features and documentaries (including 12 world premiers) screening at the Sydney Film Festival in June, it's going to be a fantastic time too see the broad range of content our local filmmakers have been getting their hands on. From bird enthusiasts to Phillip Glass, a prison choir, the connections between art […]

Australia to join China, Egypt and Iran in filtering Internet access

BY JEREMY BROWN Rudd Government plans to introduce compulsory content control for Australian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) this year has been met with shock and disbelief by technical experts, FOI lawyers and civil libertarians. In November last year Senator Conroy released an Expression of Interest seeking participation of ISPs and mobile telephone providers in a […]

Sydney protests Gaza attack

BY SHANT FABRICATORIAN A barrage of protests broke out across the world in reaction to Israel launching air strikes on Gaza just prior to the new year, and its subsequent defiance of international calls for a ceasefire. Sydney has seen a number of these rallies, with thousands turning out to show their support for Palestinians […]

The Bradley Review: time to walk the talk

BY SHANT FABRICATORIAN A month after his ascension to the Labor leadership, Kevin Rudd revealed in an interview with 2GB's Alan Jones that he wanted to be known as 'the Education Prime Minister'. Educators and academics across the country, having suffered funding cutbacks for over a decade, breathed a collective sigh of relief. A year […]

Nature and a Human Rights Document

BY STEPHEN KEIM S.C. The committee headed by Father Frank Brennan SJ will, no doubt, receive many submissions as to what rights are sufficiently important to be reflected in and protected by an Australian Human Rights Act. But it is unlikely that protection of the mountains, rivers and trees will be reflected in a human […]

Local Runner gets his Molesworth

  by Roger Hanney Postgraduate sports scientist Brent Harris is known to fun-runners and serious athletes as the operator of specialist sports store Running Science in Rozelle. But he is likely to become known more widely in '09 and beyond as a freak beginning his ascendancy. For most, the event that closes the Olympics - […]


By Julian Burnside QC So, there is to be a national consultation about the need for a federal Bill of Rights. I support one. A number of people have come out strongly against one. To make the debate intelligible, people on both sides of the debate need to identify what they are talking about. Opponents […]

The case against Sheikh Mansour

By Zeinab Zein Australia has always been respected for its strong democratic foundation and civil rights record but in recent years the country has faced many challenges. Australian lawyers, politicians and community leaders have welcomed the Federal Government's proposal to provide Australians with a Bill of Rights. For one Sydney Sheikh, this could mean that […]

Constitutional Catch 22

By Dr Gavin R Putland Certain critics of a constitutional bill of rights say it would give too much power to unelected judges. That this argument is based on the constitutional status of the proposed provisions rather than their subject matter, but applied selectively to provisions whose subject matter concerns human rights, reveals the motives […]