Best Creative Hub – Hypmotive

This is a truly unique creative hub where local artists of all disciplines can share their skills, knowledge, products and enthusiasm. When Jake and Renee Russo conceived of Hypmotive, they wanted it to be all things to all artists. And it is. The reformed commercial space in Marrickville is a venue for practical, hands on […]

Best Travel Goods – Trek & Travel

Need a suitcase for your trip? Need something for your hiking adventure that you don’t have? Trek & Travel have a massive variety of travel goods and hiking gear. Thermals, hiking boots, tents, power cords and adapters - you name it, Trek & Travel have it. Every piece of equipment and clothing is premium quality […]

Best Interior Style – Annandale Interiors

When you walk through the doors of Annandale Interiors, you know immediately that  the furniture is high quality and unique.  Their range reflects old world dedication to workmanship with an appreciation for elegance and detail, yet with modern sensibility.  Leather, textiles and wood are the predominant materials used in fabrication, giving the furniture naturalness and […]

Best Travel Shoe Shop – Birkenstock Soul

The perfect mix of ugly but truly awesome, matching and clashing with everything at the same time yet incredibly comfortable, Birkenstock has become the must have shoes for world travel. Birkenstock Soul is Sydney’s oldest dedicated Birkenstock retailer. This outlet store in Petersham stocks a huge range of the Birkenstock lines and has regular hot […]

Best Indoor Markets – Paddy’s Markets

Paddy's might be Australia's oldest continuous market, with its roots tracing back to 1834. It's definitely one of Sydney's favourite markets. Inside a warehoue-like building in Haymarket, is a bargain bazaar that sells everything from fresh flowers and vegetables to electronics, toys and gizmos to shoes and clothing to everything else you need and plenty […]

Best Stamps – Postcards From Aloysius

Sometimes, you need to see an item re-purposed before you realise its original beauty. Postage stamps have always been – for most people – a means to an end, quickly discarded once they had served their use. But these flimsy little sticky bits of square paper are miniscule works of art and once you stop […]

Best Shopping Precinct – Harbourside

Harbourside in Darling Harbour is one of the most picturesque places to go shopping. The two story complex sits right on the shore opposite the city, giving a spectacular vista at night – at the shops are open until 9pm every day. The range of stores covers virtually every need with specialties including sports and […]

Best Contemporary Furniture – Reddie Furniture

The clean Scandinavian style simplicity of Reddie Furniture makes it an ideal choice for the minimalist modern home. Though it is clearly contemporary, it has a retro charm reminiscent of 1960s experimental design. Founders Caroline and Andrew Olah had a mission: to create well - crafted furniture that is functional, appealing, durable and fully customisable. […]

Best Outdoor Shopping – Rozelle Markets

Every Saturday and Sunday devotees and newcomers visit the historic school grounds of Rozelle Markets to browse among trestle tables and racks and muse at the curiosities on display.  This fresh air cornucopia of all things old, unique and kitsch has been operating for over 20 years, delighting treasure hunters with unexpected finds among the […]

Best Hydroponics Equipment – Lux Cuttings

This is an extraordinarily successful business in a niche market. Lux Cuttings deals with all things hydroponics and is a true Aladdin’s Cave for enthusiasts and serious growers alike. The staff have vast knowledge of equipment, chemicals, plants and growing methods and willingly share that knowledge with customers. Their equipment is state of the art […]