Best African Cuisine – Radio Cairo

Radio Cairo is a fixed landmark in Cremorne. The cuisine is as unique and undefinable as the dark, mysterious continent of Africa itself. It’s an eclectic mix of Moroccan, Caribbean, Egyptian, a bit of South America, a touch of the Far East and even a hint of New Orleans. They encourage sharing dishes, which is […]

Best Tarts – Bourke Street Bakery

How does this sound? A freshly baked tart with crisp, flaky crust and luscious fruit filling, topped with crunchy crumble, along with a hot aromatic coffee - is there any better way to start your day? Chocolate ganache, ginger brule, lemon curd, apple cream crumble, chocolate and sour cherry. Everything at Bourke Street Bakery is […]

Best Masala – Masala Bowl

Located in the heart of Sydney across from World Square, Masala Bowl is a treasury of Indian food at a very reasonable price. Dishes are made fresh daily from true Indian herbs and spices using traditional methods. The result is a mouth-watering re-imagining of a familiar cuisine. Beautifully presented dishes emit an exotic fragrance, pre-empting […]

Best Instagrammable Food – Concrete Jungle

An aerial shot of their menu items is the only way to really do them justice. These are exquisite works of art where ingredients are used decoratively but not as mere garnish. There’s nothing on the plate you can’t eat – including the beautiful little flowers – although digging a metal utensil into the masterpiece […]

Best Asian Fusion – Gweilo

Bringing a hybrid of Hong Kong street food and western cuisine to a newly renovated space inside the Surry Hills landmark hotel, The Evening Star, Gweilo is like a bolt from outer space. The menu references classic Chinese ingredients but with an eclectic infusion of Anglo and European influences that is a plot twist just […]

Best Tapas – The Spanish Fly

Tapas is a reflection of the Spanish spirit of enjoying, food, wine and good company. A slow procession of tasting plates ensures an evening with friends lingers, and when the décor, location and menu items are as amazing as they are at The Spanish Fly, lingering is what you want to do. Paella balls, stuffed […]

Best Indian – Masala Kitchen

When Masala Kitchen promises to “bring you a truly unique sensory experience” they mean that in every way possible. The first thing you’ll encounter when you walk through the door is the tantalising aroma of spices and rich sauces emanating from the kitchen and the bold, lollyshop colour scheme and patterns in the decor. To […]

Best Birthday Deal – El Camino Cantina

If it’s anywhere near your birth month, you’ll want to head over to El Camino Cantina to really cash in on your big day. The Tex-Mex restaurant offers a $25 birthday voucher to those celebrating the special occasion, and it can be used on any of their delicious menu items ranging from sizzling char grilled […]

Best Traditional Delicacies – The Sweet Spot Patisserie

The Sweet Spot provides a range of traditional Greek desserts, including the ever delicious galoktoburiko (layered pastry with custard), yiannina baklava rolls, kourambiethes (Christmas shortbread with almonds), amigthalota (almond swirls), and much more. Enjoy these treats with a cup of coffee or tea in this brightly lit and welcoming café, or you can take them […]

Best Training Restaurant – The Apprentice

At The Apprentice, hospitality students from Sydney TAFE can get real world experience without real world getting fired. This training restaurant allows students to test recipes, get the feel of a genuine commercial kitchen in action and learn how to deal with time and quality pressures while maintaining composure. Customers can book for lunch or […]