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Ray La Montagne – Gossip in the Grain

Gossip in the Grain - Ray La Montagne By Chris Peken Some artists you just follow where ever they may go, Tom Waits, Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan. There is a contract between artists and audience, one of trust. Ray La Montagne is proving to be such an artist. Gossip in the Grain is only […]

Mat McHugh – Seperatista!

Seperatista! - Mat McHugh by Aidan Roberts Not to be confused with the gigantic and messy triple-album Sandanista! by The Clash, this solo record from The Beautiful Girls' front-man Mat McHugh is a trundling, mellow affair. Sure to tide over the fans of that semi-laid-back surf rock outfit, Mat has delivered a likable collection of […]

Merenia Gillies – Libertine

Libertine - Merenia Gillies by Aidan Roberts "My love is old school, my shit is old school." So chants Merenia Gillies on this, her debut record unto the world, and there is an element of truth in that sentiment, for better or worse. She is something of an undiscovered urban diva, her music a swaggering […]

Dance: Underground

BY STEPHANIE-KATE BRATTON As a first-time dance-goer, I was nervous at the thought of watching an hour and a half of contemporary dance - but I shouldn't have been. UNDERGROUND was an enjoyable performance thanks to its clearly defined characters, explosive choreography and a realistic set. "It's an excellent show for people who have never […]

Dying Breed

Locally produced horror-thriller film Dying Breed delves deep into Tasmanian folklore to create a macabre and distinctly Australian story.  The legend of the illusive Tasmanian Tiger is interwoven with the true tale of Alexander "Pieman" Pearce, 19th century prison escapee turned cannibal. This factual springboard is then adorned with generous lashings of guilty, gory escapism.  […]


BY TRACEY LIEN Young people in Sydney who are experiencing mental health issues will have a chance to draw a positive crowd and raise awareness when Mad Pride hosts its annual talent showcase. The 2008 Sydney Mad Pride Talent Quest will show off the work of 15 young people, who will compete for $500 and […]

Department of Eagles – In Ear Park

In Ear Park - Department of Eagles By Chris Peken In 2004 Daniel Rossen joined Grizzly Bear, he had primarily previously worked with his college friend Fred Nicolaus under various names, most recently Department of Eagles. Having written a series of songs he felt too personal for the Grizzly Bear way, Rossen reunited with Nicolaus […]


REVIEW BY FATIMA MALIK It is surprising and perhaps disappointing how relevant Bell Shakespeare's production of Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome is today. German author Heiner Muller's adaptation of Shakespeare's 16th century play, Titus Andronicus, is full of blood, guts and glory, and reflects on the futility of war, violence and revenge. There is a […]


BY GISELLE NGUYEN Bob Dylan has made quite a name for himself over the years as the musical world's greatest poet, with iconic tunes such as Like A Rolling Stone and Blowin' in the Wind. But music isn't his only talent ' this month, a collection of prints from the legend will be coming to […]


BY LACHLAN JOBBINS Percussionist Ben Walsh and the Crusty Suitcase Band play Places+Spaces at The Factory on November 5. Everyone who experienced Sandy Evans' Citizens of Earth gig last month will have been blown away by the incredible energy of Walsh's drumming. This time he teams up with Sydney jazz legend Matt Ottington to bring […]