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While looking for a place to hide their dog Friday, two orphaned teenagers, Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin), stumble across an abandoned hotel. Thanks to Andi's quick wit and Bruce's inventive talents, this quickly becomes a secret 'hotel' for dogs and home to all the neighbourhood strays. There are some great fun […]


  Whether or not you're a surfer, there's something magical about watching a real professional riding big waves. Bustin' Down the Door tells the story of the young Australians and South Africans who came to Hawaii's North Shore in the 1970s in search of the ultimate ride. With dreams, determination and an aggressive style born […]


A much-loved, science-fiction classic that is given a bloated, big-budget makeover; which results in a film with a poorly executed plot and under whelming visual effects about an impending apocalypse. Keanu Reeves stars as the tedious Klaatu, a sanctimonious alien 'friend of the earth' sent to 'save' the planet from mankind's greed and reluctance to […]


Adam Sandler stars as Skeeter Bronson in this film with multiple thinly woven sub-plots. Bronson initially appears as a Billy Madison-like character whose role in managing his father's hotel looks destined to be usurped by Kendall (Guy Pearce). However, his luck begins to change after he is entrusted with the care of his apple-cheeked niece […]


Jim Carrey is staking his reputation on the romantic-comedy Yes Man, for a pay cheque is dependent on the film turning a profit. And the film deserves at least moderate box-office success; Yes Man is enjoyable, if not especially memorable. Carrey plays likeable schmo Carl Allen, who is, when we first meet him, the embodiment of […]


Bertram Pincus (Ricky Gervais), a New York dentist, hates interacting with people. As a result he has no meaningful relationships.  However, after a seemingly routine operation he starts seeing ghosts. They all have unfinished business and want his assistance to move on, especially Frank (Greg Kinnear), a recently deceased adulterer. At first Pincus refuses and […]

Greg Coffin Trio – It’s Neither Either or, It’s Both and.

It's Neither Either or, It's Both and. - Greg Coffin Trio By Chris Peken There is jazz and there is jazz. Thesis' have been written (and played), debates will ring on through the ages, for that's what jazz likes. But ultimately jazz is but one form of music, and music of any genre has the […]

Francoiz Breut – A L’Aveuglette

A L'Aveuglette - Francoiz Breut By Chris Peken Step aside, make room, i know it's crowded here in the "Chanteuse Room", but make way for another. For those who discover Francoiz Breut through her first three albums will note a decidedly light tone on A L'Aveuglette, but fear not another album of Continental Lite, the dark […]

Heidi Elva – Ships and Trees

Ships and Trees - Heidi Elva By Chris Peken Heidi Elva's debut Ships and Trees evokes the sound of the last moments of twilight, just before darkness overcomes. Using all the elements not only at her disposal but all around her, Elva compliments her harp and vocal basis with atmospheric loops, distant piano, the sound of trains; […]

The Alcohotlicks – You, You

You, You - The Alcohotlicks by Aidan Roberts Not to be turned away by their immediately corny name, The Alco-hot-licks (flinch) have got a lot going for them. The instrumental romp Hot In Hell sets the tone very well here - proggy, thundering bass and a sort of flailing madness to the drums suggests a […]