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Kid Confucius – The Let-Go

The Let Go - Kid Confucius by Aidan Roberts Bouncing off the back of their Motown-infused sophomore record Stripes, Sydney 8-piece collective Kid Confucius have laced their funk with a humid gruffness in their third album. There's no denying that these guys are a real melting pot of action, whether you're into the funk or […]

Dan Sultan – Homemade Buscuits

Homemade Biscuits - Dan Sultan By Chris Peken Remember where you first heard Dan Sultan sing' You will. For me it was a glimpse at last year's Sydney Festival followed by a religious experience in a hot, sweaty, pumping Famous Spiegeltent a few weeks ago. With a voice that is equal parts Archie Roach and […]


BY AMELIA GROOM With iconic alt-rock outfit Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Jamaican-born diva Grace Jones leading the 2009 Sydney Festival, the eclectic line up of more than 300 theatre, dance, music and film events from January 10-31 is set to bring the city alive. Once again, under Festival Direction Fergus Linehan there […]


BY BRIANNA LA RANCE Steven Berkoff's East transports the audience to 1960 in London's East End district. Constructed from a collage of stories and monologues, it masterfully delivers a poetic and energetic performance about the story of wasted youth. The production gives a new definition to sexuality and body animation. It's packed with clever physicality […]


BY AMELIA GROOM With such an exciting new generation of Mexican film directors emerging, Samuel Douek saw a need for a film festival to showcase the rich array of cinema coming out of his home country. Now in its third year, he's about to take the Hola Mexico program to five cities around Australia before […]


BY CARLIN HURDIS The election-night festivities of Labor voters are defined by the permissive knees-up of Don's Party, and now audiences are invited along to the knees-together prudery of a Coalition celebration. It is 1996, the night John Howard wins office, and while other guests are clinking glasses, an aspiring writer, Nick (Glenn Hazeldine), is […]

Anthony Buck – Project TRANSMIT

Project TRANSMIT - Anthony Buck By Chris Peken Anthony (nee Tony) Buck has been or currently is part of the most diverse group of bands one could imagine - from ambient-minimalist jazz trio The Necks to noise and mayhem merchants Peril; from the funk-soul covers band Paris Pink to hardcore improv outfit Kletka Red. He has played with jazz […]

Harlequin League – We Used To Be Gods, Now We’re So Plain

  We Used To Be Gods, Now We're So Plain - Harlequin League by Aidan Roberts These hyped-up goth-rockers from Perth seem to harbour a aggravated energy in their music. Perhaps this could come from some element of social discontent; the lyrics throughout confront issues like low self-esteem, racism, greed, etc. and the music, nestling […]

Jim Conway’s Big Wheel – Share This Life

Share This Life - Jim Conway's Big Wheel By Chris Peken That Jim Conway and company had the opportunity to launch Share This Life at the Famous Spiegeltent a couple of weeks ago was fortuitous for, much like the wonderful grandeur of the 1920's built Art Nouveau tent of mirrors, Jim Conway defies father time. Taking his […]

Deerhoof – Offend Maggie

Offend Maggie - Deerfhoof by Aidan Roberts Deerhoof have been around for more than ten years now, peddling their rambunctious indie pop to an adoring fan-base. Part of their longevity must come from their cross-genre appeal - there's something of the Pixies or Pavement in their thick guitar textures and intense instrumental ramblings, what makes […]