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Monsters vs. Aliens

Mention '3-D', and you immediately visualise cardboard glasses with green and red-coloured cellophane for lenses. This is what Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Animation, describes as 'the vinyl era' and it is light-years behind Monsters vs. Aliens. This is the first animated movie to be produced in real 3-D from the first storyboard. Those cardboard […]


For several years Hobart Hughes (aka John Hughes) has been 'dropping' plaster sculptures in places like bookshops, people’s front yards, parks, the Art Gallery of NSW and Sculpture by the Sea; granting his creations new lives with whoever finds them. 'I want to break down and reinvent for myself the relationship between making art and […]

Pet Rocks – Wayward Ways

Wayward Ways ' Pet Rocks By Chris Peken A decade after their debut album, Pet Rocks have finally gotten around to releasing another. You can be forgiven for missing their first album PR Nightmare as it was released in New Zealand, or perhaps you were only ten at the time! Having moved countries and changed […]

Mountains in the Sky – Electron Suite

Electron Suite - Mountains in the Sky by Aidan Roberts Taken literally, Mountains in the Sky is a most grandiose image; and the music that Melbournite John Lee houses under this moniker conjures a similarly other-worldly atmosphere. This album is a step toward a more organic approach for this sample-master; it hurtles through its 11 […]

Brendan Canning – Something for All Of Us

Something For All Of Us - Brendan Canning by Aidan Roberts There is an air of promise with the title alone in the second cab off the 'Broken Social Scene Presents...' rank of solo records from that Canadian talent club. Like Fiest and Kevin Drew before him, the refreshingly nerdy Brendan Canning explores his musical […]

Little Joy – Little Joy

Little Joy - Little Joy By Chris Peken 'There ain't no lover like the one I've got / she and I and a brand new start / gotta give all my love.' Simple sentiment, simple song; but when it's sung as with as much sincerity and such a catchy melody as it is on Brand […]


It was always going to difficult to follow up Casino Royale, but the producers of Quantum of Solace have done a pretty good job of trying. The film picks up where the other left off, and finds 007 on a mission of revenge. Devastated by Vesper's death, James (Daniel Craig) is determined to find the […]


This animated mashup of Shrek and Frankenstein is a fun fable about hope and the power of self-belief. In the land of Malaria, the King holds an annual Evil Science Fair to blackmail the rest of the world into giving him money. Evil Scientists are national heroes, but the real work is done by their […]


BY AMELIA GROOM If you're wondering how ballet is keeping up with the 21st Century, look to Christopher Wheeldon. One of the most celebrated figures in contemporary ballet, he caused sensation last year when he announced the foundation of a new company. With the goal of introducing a spirit of innovation to classical ballet, Morphoses/The […]


BY CARLIN HURDIS For six years, Imara Savage was the stranger whose kindness was depended on. But after working locally for Oxfam and in third-world communities for AusAID, she could no longer suppress her ambition to work in theatre. She made the transition in 2006, enrolling at the NIDA Playwrights' Studio, and now it is […]