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A grown up and exceptional Dakota Fanning stars as the 'unloveable' Lily Owens- a virtually orphaned and emotionally scarred teenager who flees her abusive father with her nanny, Rosaleen (Jennifer Hudson). They are subsequently taken in by the independent Boatwright sisters (Alicia Keys and Sophie Okonedo) and are led by Queen Latifah (August) the family's […]


LAST CHANCE HARVEY Release date: 26 February 2009   Director and writer, Joel Hopkins has produced a slow-paced and predicable romantic comedy. Designed especially for a mature audience, it is redeemed by the film's two leads. Dustin Hoffman is Harvey Shine a workaholic, absentee father who travels to London for his daughter, Susan's (Liane Balaban) […]

Various Gadigal Artists – Making Waves

Making Waves - Various Artists By Aidan Roberts It has now become a very well-known mantra in Sydney and abroad to publicly acknowledge the traditional land-owners of the area known as Gadigal, or Sydney. This CD, an initiative of the ABC, Arts NSW and the Gadigal Information Service, takes the sentiment a step further and […]

Various Artists – Dark Was the Night

Dark Was the Night - Various Artists By Chris Peken This is an indie-music head's wet dream. The 20th compilation in the Red Hot series celebrates it's Valentine's Day release with a collection of the best and brightest bar none. Imagine an album with Arcade Fire, Cat Power, Andrew Bird, David Byrne and Bon Iver...and […]

Beatsteaks – Limbo Messiah

Limbo Messiah - Beatsteaks by Aidan Roberts From the first screeching anthem on this boisterous record, those punk-rocking Germanians Beatsteaks affirm their ethos very clearly; "you gotta put yourself at ease, I'll do exactly as I please", super-text for "shut up and f--k off". This attitude is prevalent in their performance of these songs; chugging […]

The BPA – I Think We Are Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

I Think We Are Gonna Need  a Bigger Boat - The BPA By Chris Peken The "story" goes that The BPA (Brighton Port Authority) recorded these tracks sometime in the 70'sunder the guidance of "chairman" Norman Cook (allegedly later to form The Housemartins and then become Fat Boy Slim). With luminaries such as Iggy Pop, […]


Too short to be a wizard and too tall to be a gremlin, when you look like Bill Bailey, you might as well be a comedian. Of course it helps that he’s highly intelligent, curious, has a great feel for timing and an undeniable streak of whimsy. The man voted seventh greatest stand-up comedian of […]


The Notorious B.I.G's life reads like dream biopic material: tumultuous youth, eventually making it, then drinking, beatin' on his women and feuding, leading to an untimely death. But just as the real Biggie was killed by a gunshot wound, his memory has been murdered by bad editing. Subplots trail miserably off before the audience is […]


PREVIEW BY LACHLAN JOBBINS The photographic collective Epiphany was formed in 2007 by a group of young photographers, most of whom attended SIT. They held their first group show last year, and now present their latest at Medium, Rare this weekend. It's been interesting to see the work develop from interpretive assignments with strictly controlled […]


Easy Virtue is the first go-round in almost ten years for Australian director Stephan (Priscilla) Elliot. It's a 1920s comedy about a young Englishman returning home from Europe with his brash American bride, and the inevitable clash of old British mores with new American ones. Starring Ben Barnes, Jessica Biel, Colin Firth and a frosty […]