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BY AMELIA GROOM Le Grand Cirque broke all box office records at Sydney Opera House when the company made its Australian premiere earlier this year, and these summer holidays they're back with another jaw-dropping visual feast of fast-paced group acrobatics and stunts. Seen by millions of people around the world, the cast of 40 champion […]

Jackie Orszaczky – Ready to Listen

Ready to Listen - Jackie Orszaczky By Chris Peken There are many people, particularly in this digital downloading age, who believe music should be freely available to all. Long before anyone had heard of the Napster or file sharing Jackie Orszaczky was was freely sharing his knowledge of and talent for music. For five decades Jackie played […]

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

David Fincher directs Eric Roth's epic adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald story of the same name. Over the course of nearly three hours, the film shifts from whimsical fantasy to war drama to romance to a somber and poignant comment on aging and the human life cycle. While the length may seem ambitious, it […]

Shannon McArdle – Summer of the Whore

Summer of the Whore - Shannon McArdle By Chris Peken Girl joins band. Girl in band likes boy in band. Boy and girl in band get married. Marriage of boy and girl in band goes horribly wrong. Boy and girl in band break up; band implodes. That, in short, is the story of Timothy Bracy, Shannon […]


BY AMELIA GROOM René Laloux's bizarre psychedelic science fiction animation Fantastic Planet features his masterful hand-drawn illustrations and tells the story of a war between two alien races on a far away planet. With a unique and beguiling aesthetic, it won the special jury prize at Cannes in 1973 but today is not so easy […]


Anne Hathaway stars as Kim 'the public's kinda afraid of me' Buchman- the black sheep of the family. She is fresh from rehab and forced to deal with sobriety, previous tragedies and the fact her perfect sister (and soon-to-be Doctor) Rachel, (Rosemarie Dewitt) is trying to create a perfect wedding amidst a dysfunctional, nuclear family. […]


BY SOPHIE TARR When I speak to singer Melanie Pain, of French outfit Nouvelle Vague, she's losing her voice. She's still recovering from the night before, she says, having just played a sold-out gig to a London crowd of 2,500. Not bad for a cover band. But if 'cover band' makes you think of 50-year-old […]


BY AMELIA GROOM Manon falls for the student and the two run away to Paris, but she already has a taste for money. Lured by furs and jewels, Manon makes a choice that will unravel all involved. This engrossing tale is played out in the eighteenth century salons of Paris and the steamy swamps of […]


There is much to love about Christmas ' greeting cards, gluttony, gift-giving ' but also much to loathe. This romantic comedy focuses on the latter, inviting audiences to chuckle along as a mean-spirited couple (played by Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn) are subjected to not one, not two, but four family Christmas gatherings. Like a […]

Jeff Raglus – Bellatrix

Bellatrix - Jeff Raglus by Aidan Roberts Who is Jeff Raglus' One's eyes may tweak with recognition when you see the cover art for this album, as Raglus' mambo-esque off-kilter comic art has adorned Sydney's streets for a long while now, turning up on everything from t-shirts and surfboards to gig posters to fine art […]