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Become one with eternity. Obliterate your personality. Become part of your environment. Forget yourself. Self-destruction is the only way out. So read one of Yayoi Kusama's posters for her 'self-obliteration' Happenings of the late 1960s, which involved covering people's naked bodies and their surrounds in polka dots. 'Polka dots are a way to infinity,' she […]

Dan Rumour & The Drift – Dan Rumour & The Drift

By Chris Peken In the mid-Eighties then Sekret Sekret guitarist Dan Rumour used to do impromptu gigs between gigs with whomever was available and play sets of instrumentals, from the likes of Booker T &The MG’s, The Ventures and Lee Scratch Perry. When Sekret Sekret split he decided to make this a more permanent group […]

Archie Roach – Journey

Journey – Archie Roach BY CHRIS PEKEN Archie Roach has cemented his place over the last decade as one of the pre-eminent voices of the traditional and ancient people of our land. From his groundbreaking Took The Children Away to his more recent working with partner Ruby Hunter, what has become remarkable about Roach is […]

Kaki King – Dreaming of Revenge

Dreaming of Revenge - Kaki King By Chris Peken On her fourth album Kaki King has decided on an each way bet; with seven instrumentals and seven vocal tunes Dreaming of Revenge is a slightly schizophrenic album. Of recent times King has become an increasingly sought after musician, of her guitar playing, Dave Grohl from […]


BY TRISCHELLE ROBERTS Emerging scriptwriting James McManus has been internationally recognised for Cherry Smoke and it's easy to see why. The beauty of his script is in the way that it makes seemingly simple words, phrases and characters fascinating. Things that could otherwise be easily dismissed are somehow provocative and haunting. Set in America's poverty-stricken […]


Bored by her uneventful life and preoccupied parents, Coraline decides to explore the flat that her family have recently moved into. She quickly discovers a secret door which, at night time, leads to an alternate world. Inhabited by the 'other' versions of her family and the other characters around her, this world initially seems perfect, […]


This new Australian film documents the life of a young family over the period of a year, as they struggle with children, religion, money, health and a complete lack of sex. My Year Without Sex is frank and genuine, which is its virtue but unfortunately also its vice. Despite bright and vivid colouring, themed sequences […]


Dean Spanley is a curious and eccentric tale about family relations, the human heart and the 'transmigration of souls'. Set in late Edwardian England, tension between strange, emerging ideas and the classical traditions dominates the mood. Sam Neill, in the role of the Dean, is entirely surreal while managing to be utterly believable, which is […]


This remake of the classic 1981 Canadian horror film updates the action, incorporating new 3D technology ' some techniques were developed especially for this film. Those familiar with the original, which Tarantino called 'the best slasher film of all time', will recognise the challenges inherent in this project. While the earlier scenes remain closer to […]

Prodigy – Invaders Must Die

Invaders Must Die ' Prodigy By Sam Moginie Invaders Must Die isn't any more intelligent or subtle than you would expect a Prodigy album to be, despite (or perhaps in spite of) Does It Offend You, Yeah' frontperson James Rushent's production contributions. It's still brutal, frenetic, dense and dramatic. Sadly, it doesn't have the charm […]