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Arts & Entertainment

3 Weeks In Spring

In the wake of all Anzac Day events being cancelled due to COVID-19 we are still being given the opportunity to celebrate our national heroes. 3 Weeks In Spring the musical by Ian Gerrard and Russell Tredinnick will now be available on Youtube to watch for free on April 25 and 26. To help commemorate […]

Inertia – Connexion

Sydney's post-hardcore band Inertia are bringing the heat to entertain us all during quarantine. Their latest EP, Connexion, is a six track offering which is filled with memorable, melodic hardcore. Throughout the six tracks the group capture the listeners attention with an intense passion flowing through the lyrics and vocal performance. Combine this with catchy, […]

Digital Earth Day

Not only does 2020 mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day but it will also be  the first time ever that it will be a solely digital global event. “Whether it be coronavirus or our global climate crisis, we cannot shut down,” said Earth Day Network President, Kathleen Rogers. “ Instead, we must shift our […]

National Indigenous Music Awards Go Virtual

In the face of the COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing measures this year's iteration of the National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMA) are moving towards an online event. Given the challenges which social distancing has placed in the way of large scale group events many have chosen to cancel, but that was never a consideration for […]


Every major event in the world spawns a sudden burst of new words, catchcries and the bastardisation of existing words and phrases. The current pandemic is no exception and in recent weeks we have been bombarded with slogans like ‘social distancing’ and ‘self isolation’ – both hot contenders for words of the year in 2020. […]

Abundant Alexandria

While it might be nice to live without the hustle and bustle of everyday it working and living at home in isolation does have its drawbacks. For local business in particular there has been a significant downturn in activity, but Alexandria is still filled with determined owners looking to satisfy the community's needs. City Hub […]

Barpirdhila Foundation COVID-19 Indigenous Artists Fundraiser

While many arts organisations are providing funding and support for struggling artists very few are providing targeted support to our indigenous community. The Barpirdhila Foundation last week sort to change that by launching their First Nations COVID-19 Appeal. This program will be targeted towards helping First Nations artists and communities who have been affected by […]

Australia Council Resilience Fund

The Australian arts community is suffer through an unprecedented challenge following the COVID-19 outbreak. In order to assist the Australia Council has made the decision to suspend many of their previous investment programs and instead filter all support through a new program known as the Resilience Fund. "The Resilience Fund has been created to provide immediate […]


Tom (Jesse Eisenberg) and Gemma (Imogen Poots) are a young couple looking to settle down and find the perfect house to call a home. When they visit the new suburban development of Yonder the unsuspecting couple find themselves trapped in a monotonous, boring existence for the remainder of their lives. Vivarium is a sci-fi, thriller […]

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

One of the better-quality Netflix films, this is ideal uplifting viewing for audiences who are feeling stressed about the uncertain times we are currently experiencing. Based on a true story the film delves into the plights of a poverty-stricken tobacco farmer in Malawi Africa, who is finding it impossible to grow a crop owing to […]