Tyne-James Organ – Persevere

Over the past few years singer-songwriter Tyne-James Organ has dedicated his life to fostering a deep connection with his live audience. Now with the release of his debut record release Organ is looking to make that connection spread even more widely as his music becomes accessible to more than just his live audience. Persevere is an […]

Country To Country Australia

Typically when you think of major music festivals headlined by international acts you immediately think of electronic dance music, bright lights and lasers, pyrotechnics, and thousands of young people partying long into the night. Later this month though an all-new music festival arrives on the scene, bringing with it an entirely different genre of music. […]

Sam Fender – Hypersonic Missiles

Sam Fender establishes himself as a new type of rock n’ roll artist for this generation in his debut album Hypersonic Missiles.  Fender’s sound manages to toe to the line between edgy and bluesy, finding a sort of balance between the two as a softer alternative to hard punk rock music.   With a style […]

Anton Koritni

Rock n Roll and poetry are typically two genres of artistic expression which you wouldn’t normally associate with one another. Anton Koritni’s brand new show Poetry In Piano looks to shatter that vein of thinking though. If anybody was going to have the requisite skills and experience to bring these two clashing artistic mediums together […]

Phoenix Collective Concert #3 – Freedom & Equality

The third concert in the Phoenix Collective concert series is set to feature the Phoenix Quartet. This instalment of the series will be a concert of identity, balance, and harmony. Presenting the string quartets of cutting-edge American composer, Jennifer Higdon, alongside masters Haydn, Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky. The Phoenix Quartet is a premier string quartet comprising […]

Bag Raiders – Horizons

Since first appearing on the scene in 2010 Bag Raiders have been leaders of an entire generation of electronic artists. During that time the duo of Jack Glass and Chris Stacey have been constantly evolving, growing, and maturing. Their long-awaited 12 track offering, Horizons, is the ultimate distillation of this process over the course of […]

Concert For Life

Occasionally in order for something beautiful to exist, we must endure tragedy. It is exactly this philosophy which inspired the initial creation of the Concert For Life event in 2015, and its subsequent return this year. Concert For Life is a rare special event which coincides with World Suicide Prevention Day and will see some […]

Sleater-Kinney – The Center Won’t Hold

The iconic trio of Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker and Janet Weiss return with their eagerly anticipated tenth album, The Centre Won't Hold. With this record, the group has continued to evolve and push boundaries as they explore emotional industrial rock and pop. Opening with the titular track, The Centre Won't Hold, Sleater-Kinney immediately introduce the listener to the […]

Julia Michaels

In regards to music, the most powerful element is always the lyrics. When a song has a strong emotional story underpinning the melodies and rhythms it can connect on a deeper level than perhaps any other entertainment medium. Nobody understands this line of thinking more than acclaimed songwriter turned performer, Julia Michaels. When Michaels first […]

WAAX – Big Grief

The debut album from Brisbane quintet WAAX hits with an unrelenting tidal wave of noise throughout its 12 track offering. After years of filling up the airwaves and streaming platforms with single after single WAAX finally deliver a special debut album. With Big Grief, the band explore the various facets of grief which everybody feels […]