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Bronte Public Housing – Another Road

The debut EP from Sydney's Bronte Public Housing sees Jimmy Hearthwood reinvent himself into an entrancing indie-pop singer-songwriter. Formerly the frontman for rock group Hiaground this new EP from Hearthwood comes as a stark contrast to his former work. Throughout Another Road Hearthwood entrances listeners with his sleepy, laidback, dreamy indie-pop. The EP is an […]

Awning Concerts

Across the globe we've witnessed many a different coping mechanism during self-isolation and social distancing. Here in own backyard one musician has embarked on a mission to bring music to Newtown. Over the course of the last five weeks Ed Barnes has been performing a series of concerts from atop his awning on King Street. […]

Diet Cig – Do You Wonder About Me?

The American duo Diet Cig is back with a new album called Do You Wonder About Me? being released at the beginning of May. ​The female and male combo effortlessly meshes their young and delicate vocals into the gritty and hardened pop-rock genre, creating an effect all their own. Who Are You? and Priority Mail especially show off […]

Sole Sessions

Out of the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic a brand new initiative has been launched to bring homegrown Australian entertainment into the lives of people across the country and around the world. Sole Sessions is an innovative new steaming delivery method designed to allow artists in lockdown to scratch their performance itch, generate a small […]

Live From The Island – Vera Blue

Record labels exist to release music, promote artists and help those artists organise live tours. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 though one leg of that tripod has been kicked out from underneath them. With artists no longer able to perform shows to audiences live in person the labels and artists have had to innovate and […]

Inertia – Connexion

Sydney's post-hardcore band Inertia are bringing the heat to entertain us all during quarantine. Their latest EP, Connexion, is a six track offering which is filled with memorable, melodic hardcore. Throughout the six tracks the group capture the listeners attention with an intense passion flowing through the lyrics and vocal performance. Combine this with catchy, […]


While best known for her work as part of the ARIA award winning band, All Our Exes Live In Texas, Katie Wighton is now relishing an opportunity to explore her creativity as a solo artists. Wighton is now performing under the name KIT and is set to officially launch her debut single, Good Guy, with […]

SIMA Turns To Streaming

Social distancing might mean we can't physically attend concerts but it doesn't mean we have to forgo the experience entirely. The Sydney Improvised Music Association (SIMA) is using the COVID-19 situation as a welcome push to finally experiment with streaming technology for concerts. When speaking with SIMA General Manager Amy Curl she revealed that this […]

Vermont – Self-Titled EP

Being locked away in self-isolation will fill anybody with angst. Luckily Melbourne emo/alt-rock four pierce Vermont have just the cure with their debut self-titled EP The four track offering is filled with classic alt-rock that blends fear, anxiety, anger, and fury with vulnerability, passion, and honesty. Throughout the punchy sub 15 minute listen Vermont dips […]

Sofa King Fest

Music artists and volunteers from around the world have rallied together to create a unique music festival concept that doesn't violate any social distancing measures. The Sofa King Fest is a curated collection of incredible live musical performance all in one spot and all available to watch from the comfort of your sofa. As part […]