CD Reviews

Various Artists – Vast

An album with a story. In a remote town hundreds of kilometres from Perth, some of Australia’s most prized songwriters have come together to write and record a handful of songs that have been inspired by a collective experience had in the deserted settlement of Cossack in the Western Australia Pilbara region.  The line-up on […]

Mumford & Sons – Delta

Mumford & Sons’ latest offering, Delta, is like a warm embrace from a loved one thanks to its etherial lyrics and gentle melodies. The record stays true to the groups folk-rock roots whilst also expanding to generate a more grand orchestral sound. The group does this by injecting elements drawn from jazz and pop alongside […]

Strange Tenants – Militant Style

Just in time for their national tour, Strange Tenants are set to release their latest album Militant Style. As the group’s eighth album together, Militant Style enables Strange Tenants’ years of musical experience to shine through.  Militant Style is the epitome of classic ska/reggae. The album as a whole offers a unique blend of sounds […]

Casey Golden – ATLAS

Casey Golden's new London-based band is comprised of Golden on the piano, Alex Munk on the guitar, Henrik Jensen on bass, and Will Glaser on the drums. The group's latest album, ATLAS, incorporates themes of group improvisation, 21st century composition and hard rock textures.  With this unique blend of genres, you can listen to a single from ATLAS […]

Little Georgia – All The While

Little Georgia’s first studio album, All The While, features a folk-rock duo in Justin Carter and Ashleigh Mannix. The harmonisation of a talented man and woman accompanied by acoustic, folk instrumentals is absolutely stunning. The album is produced by Nick DiDia, Grammy-winning producer who has worked with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Train, and Neil […]

Teenage Dads – Potpourri Lake

With one foot in indie pop and the other in indie rock, Teenage Dads will remind a listener of a modern clash between the Beatles and the Beach Boys.  The band consists of 19 year old Melbourne boys who create music in their home studio, affectionately referred to as “The Shed”. However, while the deliberately […]

Hellions – Rue

Rue is a much more melodic rock approach than Hellions have produced before. This new approach has moments of brilliance and others which fall flat. Building off of their previous record, Opera Oblivia, Hellions have continued down the atmospheric, lyrical heavy path which has created a deep, dark and mystical record. This style gives the […]

Novo Amor – Birthplace

Novo Amor’s debut album, Birthplace, will bring about goosebumps in all listeners. Novo’s ethereal falsetto is absolutely stunning. Exhilarating instrumental buildups containing strings, piano, and percussion are juxtaposed with softer breakdowns in which the spotlight is on Novo and his voice. His music is certainly emotional in nature and is perfect for a rainy, and […]

Hands Like Houses – Anon

Anon is the latest record from Aussie rockers Hands Like Houses and dives into the very machinations of the things that can make us all feel isolated, nameless and faceless, whether that is anxiety, heartbreak, alcoholism and many more. Throughout the record the band have produced a wide ranging soundscape of styles which range from […]

Kurt Vile – Bottle It In

Bottle It In is not only Kurt Vile’s latest album, but the culmination of his musical career thus far.  The album aims to capture his musical voyage by incorporating collaborations with those new and old, such as the Violators.  It is easy to see how the first single released from the album, Loading Zones, is […]