CD Reviews

Lil Halima – for the dark days

The second EP from rising Norwegian pop star Lil Halima is an incredibly honest, vulnerable and mesmerising glimpse into her life, particularly during the polar darkness of her hometown in Northern Norway. Whilst for the dark days is described as a pop record it doesn’t follow the typical norms of the genre. Rather this EP […]

Gav Brown – Sound Circus

Australian singer-songwriter Gav Brown recently released his debut album Sound Circus. Although he is no stranger to the live music scene, this is Brown’s first studio recorded collection of works.  Gav Brown combines country-rock, folk and pop to create his own soulful sound. As a multi-instrumentalist, he incorporates numerous instruments, including the banjo, guitar, piano, harmonica, […]

One OK Rock – Eye Of The Storm

Japanese band One Of Rock’s latest album Eye Of The Storm does not disappoint – it is everything fans could hope for from the group.  While still staying true to its rock roots, this new album has more pop undertones, featuring extremely catchy songs which make it simply fun to listen to.    The entire album […]

Beirut – Gallipoli

Beirut, led by Zach Condon, is set to release its fifth studio album Gallipoli. Condon drew much of his inspiration for the new songs from rediscovering the old joys of music as a visceral experience in rural Puglia, southern Italy.  The title track makes this sentiment evident, taking you on a journey through the Italian […]

Bring Me The Horizon – amo

Bring Me The Horizon are an English rock band which has steadily evolved from a traditional deathcore/metalcore outfit into a more mainstream-friendly rock outfit. Their latest record amo continues this progression as it introduces new elements into the music which push them further into the pop-friendly realm. Heavy rock melodies blended with an assortment of […]

Johnny [From The Burbs] – Propaganda

Johnny [From the Burbs] gets political in his latest EP Propaganda. Drawing on its name, the EP addresses topics such as prejudiced opinions influenced by the government and using the news as a political weapon. Although the songs may be a bit dark at times, the overall message is not negative. Rather, the songs serve […]

Deerhunter – Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?

Ever wondered what techno would sound like if it had been a genre during the Middle Ages? The answer lies with Deerhunter’s latest album Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?  The entire album seems to come from nowhere – a message out of time regarding the disappearance of culture, nature, logic and humanity.  From the strong harpsichord […]

Mikey Mike’s – Life On Earth

Californian Mikey Mike’s debut EP Life On Earth has a very distinctive sound to it, thanks to its blending of pop sonics, philosophical lyricism, indie guitar rock and soul melodies. Throughout the record Mikey debates the meaning of life, friendships, and the end of the world. All through a positive, and occasionally humorous lens. With […]

AFI – The Missing Man

The latest EP, The Missing Man, from punk legends AFI is everything fans of the band have grown to love throughout the years. The Missing Man is aggressive while simultaneously being easy to listen and sing along with. Comprising only five short tracks the record is punchy and doesn’t ever skip a beat, something which […]

Rita Ora – Phoenix

The major singles from British pop singer-songwriter Rita Ora’s second album, Phoenix, have been hitting airwaves for well over a year now but we’re only now getting to hear the plethora of songs on offer on the entirety of the record. For much of this record Ora follows the path which many a modern pop […]